Family Recovering After Being Hit by Vehicle

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RICE TOWNSHIP -- Investigators say it does not appear that a driver deliberately drove into a family of seven as they were taking a walk in Luzerne County on Friday.

Rice Township police tell Newswatch 16 Bryan and Nina Herbst are still in the hospital. Nina is in critical condition. Two of their four children have been treated and released. One is still in serious condition at last check and a 10-month-old girl is in critical condition. A niece that was with them is in serious condition.

Police say the family was walking on Aleksander Boulevard when Jigna Kyada, 51, of Mountain Top swerved into them. She is cooperating and officers are waiting for blood work and results of a crash reconstruction as the investigation continues.

Family members have set up a fund to help the family with expenses. You can donate by clicking here.


  • J.B.

    It’s not a one-way road. It’s an ordinary two-way residential road. And she’s the wife of a doctor who lives in the same development. One report from another news outlet says she lives across the street from the family. Everyone needs to stop channeling their demons into this tragedy. It’s disturbing enough as it is to recognize just how precarious our ordinary lives are, just walking or driving through our own neighborhoods, facing mundane dangers every day but not recognizing them because we’ve been fortunate enough to survive the day without incident.

  • John Mcdoo

    How could you not see or hear a car coming ? Ex specially if they were going fast enough to hit 7 people! I’d check to see if the driver has ties to terrorist cells!

  • Joy

    Are you kidding me! This is a beautiful family in an upper class neighborhood and the driver of the vehicle was driving the wrong way in a way way road. Get your facts straight, maybe your the white trash.

    • billiam gates

      it was mountain top… she is most likely a legal immigrant, or second or third generation natural citizen. stop being such a cynical condescending white knight all of the time. this has nothing to do with race or immigration status. a family was badly injured in a tragic event, but of course you have to mention something about the driver because she doesn’t have a white american name so you get a chance to flex your racist muscles, as if you don’t already do that on damn near every single article. The United States is regressing because of people like you and most others that comment on this website; you’re a really sad representation of most of the people in this area.digressing, i really hope the family makes a full recovery and everything turns out okay.

      • billiam gates

        you didn’t specifically say anything about race but any “idiot” knows exactly what you were implying. anyone who reads these comments knows you’re clearly a bigot racist. obviously 20 people agree with me so i don’t know who you’re trying to fool. when opposition comes in your face all you can do is insult the other person/ party, just like most conservatives. “libtards, liberal tears, hilarys’ emails, and being a sore winner about trump… blah blah blah.”

    • Joesph Lemant

      The driver didn’t have a license and yes it is a illegal immigrant and that’s a fact and will soon be reported in coming days as I know for sure and I’m not pretending

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