Volunteers Paint Mural on Wilkes-Barre Children’s Service Adoption Headquarters

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WILKES-BARRE -- Friday's sunny weather was perfect for a group of volunteers in Wilkes-Barre, who spent their day creating a mural downtown.

The special mural was painted in Wilkes-Barre at the Children's Service Center Adoption Headquarters. The mural represents a tree, in hopes that it will help welcome children and new parents-to-be at the adoption center.

"The Children's Service Center wants to bring some life to the look and feel of the building so we opted to paint a beautiful mural on the side of the building," Maura Smith, Pepperjam employee, said.

Volunteers with the company, Pepperjam, grabbed some paint and brushes and created this work of art.

The company is based in the Diamond City.

Pepperjam has been volunteering and donating to the Children's Service Center for the past five years.

"Pepperjam is an international business but we like to stay true to our roots and give back to the area that helped us get started in the first place," Smith said.

"It just shows fun and when the children come here, they need something to make them feel welcome and happy and this tree will certainly do that," Cathy Podlaski, Children's Service Center, said.

"Many of our children have challenges that they're facing so certainly seeing something like this, it puts a smile on your face," Podlaski added.

And while they may look like pros, most of these Pepperjam workers aren't artists themselves. They needed a little help to make this tree as beautiful as it is.

"Our designer, artist put it together so it was almost a paint by number scenario so it made it really easy because no, I'm not a painter," Pepperjam employee, Michelle Morgan, said.

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