Texas Little League Team Worries about Storm

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SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT -- A team from Texas is in South Williamsport still vying for the Little League World Series title this weekend and they are keeping a close eye on the hurricane heading towards their home.

The Southwest Regional Little League team from Lufkin, Texas is preparing to play the game of a lifetime.

Back at home in Texas, millions who live on the coast are preparing for Hurricane Harvey and the catastrophic flooding predicted to happen into the weekend.

"I was really shocked because I've never been part of a hurricane before. Lufkin hasn't really had a hurricane before," said Charlie Deaton.

On his downtime, assistant coach Ryan Deaton has been following the weather updates back home.

"If I understand correct, they think it's going to hit in the Corpus Christi area and that's about six hours south of us," the coach said.

According to the National Weather Service, Harvey continues to gain momentum.

About 1.5 million people are under a hurricane warning and another 16 million are under a tropical storm warning. Parts of Texas could get three feet of rain.

"If you look at that big hurricane, it's pretty big and it covers a lot of area and you can see our hometown will get a lot of rain," said Deaton.

Deaton's in-laws who traveled to South Williamsport for the games own a beach house and boat just east of where the storm is expected to reach the coast.

"Gosh, if we were there, we would just go down, grab the boat and take it home, but we're not there. We're in Williamsport. We have had to ask family and friends and people we know to help us out."

They do have some worries about getting home but they are trying to keep their focus on trying to win a championship in South Williamsport

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