Seven Family Members Hit, Injured by Vehicle in Mountain Top

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RICE TOWNSHIP -- Five children and two adults were all sent to the hospital in critical condition after they were struck by a car in Luzerne County.

Investigators say they were walking down a street in Mountain Top around 1 p.m. Friday when it happened.

Aleksander Boulevard in Mountain Top was filled with emergency crews and police after a family of seven was hit by a car. All seven were taken to the hospital.

Rice Township police say the family was walking down the road when the driver, a woman in her 50s, swerved into them. Five children, including an infant, and two adults were critically hurt.

The two adults and three of the children had to be flown to hospitals; the other two were taken by ambulance.

Annette Mann is an ER doctor and the crash happened right in front of her home.

“I heard this tremendous boom and I ran from my den. I heard screaming and I knew something bad had happened,” said Mann. “I ran outside and immediately saw the gentleman in the road.”

Mann says her training as an emergency room doctor made her snap into action.

“Started triaging everybody and assess who was the one who needed my help the most and that was the infant. I managed to get her stabilized,” said Mann. “When I was able to open her airway up and she took that breath, nobody was happier than me.”

Police say the driver of the car did stop. She was taken to the Rice Township Police Department.

State police spent hours doing accident reconstruction as Rice Township police try to figure out why the driver crashed into the family.

“It was just a family and they were just taking a walk on a beautiful day,” said neighbor Jennifer Filbert.

“It was pretty much a mess. It was the craziest thing I've ever seen happen on this street,” said Patrick Colo.

The Luzerne County District Attorney's Office also assisted with the investigation. The DA says the driver is cooperating with police.

As for Dr. Mann, she doesn't see herself as a hero, just one of the many first responders who were on Aleksander Boulevard.

“I have nothing but high praise for all those people because they did an incredible job because they did an incredible job. They got everybody stabilized and out of here in minutes.”

The investigation of the crash continues.

By Friday night, hospital officials said two of the children were treated and released. The others remained hospitalized with one of the adults in serious condition. The other adult and two children are in critical condition. The remaining child is in fair condition.


  • Taime

    AHHH The little people still commenting 5 days later….ok bullshit! It was little ole me again…
    Watch ya backs now ya hear

    • Taime(carla)

      Don’t take it so hard I was messing with nonny mouse I don’t think any of you are in any position to battle over someone else’s misfortune
      Peopl like me have a bigger heart than u can conceive in your overworked little heads..
      People like me just messing with nonny mouse…

  • James

    Women dont belong behind the steering wheel unless its going to the supermarket to buy food to make breakfast lunch and dinner and dont forget the dish washing soap to do the dishes and after all that get on the bed

  • Buford T Justice

    It was so good that the doctor lived right there and got the infant breathing again. This is awful, I hope everyone will be ok.

  • Ken DiLuigi

    Well, it’s kind of easy to tell who won’t be getting a Christmas card this year. THIS IS EXACTLY like a few of those “Tough-As-Nails” Emergency Department nurses that I’ve worked with over the years. Not afraid to get in someone’s face, no matter WHO YOU ARE.

  • D B

    Why isn’t the driver of the car named? Why isn’t some journalist doing their job? At least post the name of the owner of the car…using the license plate number…and see if the owner is a female in her 50’s. Is the press trying to protect the identity of the driver? Why?

    • WarningFakeNews

      “Why isn’t some journalist doing their job?”

      The job of the journalist isn’t what most people think it is. They aren’t there to provide a public service, nor are they there to inform us. The job is to attract people to watch commercials for their real customers, the advertisers. In that world, it makes sense for them to provide as little information as possible in the most sensationalized way they can. The goal is more about having people come back for more information, which is parsed out a little at a time.


    It’s a tragedy
    An utter tragic day in the life..
    I think female drivers need to read the peds walking sigNS😁

    • Mike____

      The issue is a connecting road that should never had been opened. It created too much traffic for Aleksander Blvd. The connecting road should be closed!
      you can google rice-twp-developer-s-sign-targets-ex-judge to see what road should never had been opened. The township and county could have prevented this.

      • Joske

        No, the issue is that an irresponsible person operated a deadly weapon without any regard for anyone but themselves.

      • Mike____

        I know the street. It has been a death trap since they opened the connecting road. Kids use to play the street all the time prior to the connecting road being open.

      • Joske

        The connecting road is a separate issue. If the driver wasn’t on Aleksander Blvd, she would have killed someone else on another road.

      • Carla Lapinsky on Facebook twitter

        Not rreally
        Little Hazleton best keep suckin it….my big fat you know what poorballs..cant fight the power little nonny mouse..ur kids lives!!!!!😉

  • Susan E Phillips

    The report says the car was orginally on the opposite side of the road. Distracted driving maybe?
    And please I am not going to never leave my house because someone might hit me with a car. What a way to live!!

  • Joske

    Why were they walking on the grass next to the road? No one should walk by any road because sometimes cars drift off the road on their own. All people should be either in cars or inside a protected building.

    • Susan E Phillips

      The report says the car was orginally on the opposite side of the road. Distracted driving maybe?
      And please I am not going to never leave my house because someone might hit me with a car. What a way to live!!

      • Joske

        Here on WNEP comments we ALWAYS blame the victim. Why just a few weeks ago, the jogger who got hit by a car in Wilkes-Barre was IMMEDIATELY found GUILTY by the jury of WNEP comments for even daring to be jogging on “THEIR ROADS”.

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