Scranton’s Nay Aug Park Treehouse to Make Comeback

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SCRANTON -- One of Scranton's most popular attractions has an uncertain future earlier this year, but city officials now say that the David Wenzel Treehouse at Nay Aug Park will be repaired over the next few months.

The treehouse hasn't seen any visitors since May when city engineers discovered that the treehouse's main tree support was dying.

"It's a draw, and ever since they closed the zoo down, you want to see things coming to Scranton, not things disappearing," said Bobbie Yeich of Kingston. "See how many people are coming to look at it right now."

Many families soaking up the final days the season were disappointed to see the treehouse closed but were encouraged to learn that there will be a solution soon.

Plans have been drawn up and a project to fix the treehouse will go to bid within the next few weeks.

An engineer decided that this tree is no longer strong enough to support the treehouse, so a contractor will have to come in and add some more metal supports.

"We just don't know a time frame, it's not going to be long," said Brian Fallon, Scranton City Parks & Recreation. "It's a problem that can be fixed within months, and it won't break the bank. It's not as expensive as people thought it was going to be."

Fallon can't give an exact dollar amount yet but expect the repairs to the treehouse will cost the city in the tens of thousands of dollars -- a price Nay Aug Park visitors thought was worth it

"I've been out on this before which is kind of neat," said Sue Kalin of Matamoras.  "I'm disappointed that my grandson couldn't go out on it today."

City officials expect the repairs to be finished by the end of this year.


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