Move-in Day at ESU

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- Hauling luggage, boxes, refrigerators and more.  Move in day brought quite a crowd to East Stroudsburg University.

About 1,200 freshmen and transfer students getting ready to start another school year.

"Unpacking for college! It's been a little bit of a scramble but we got it done and now everyone is heading off," said Aiden Stone, Milford.

Campus officials and a lot of older students helped many of the incoming students in and out of the buildings.

Some lucky students even found themselves moving into new suites that were unveiled here last week.

Shayna Witzman from Catasauqua was one of them.

"I am excited but it's a lot. There is a lot going on. I got like three things in. I just got my keys," said Shayna Witzman, Catasauqua.

"We are just helping people move around a lot of the Greeks, the soccer team, all the other teams are helping people move in and share some of the memories that people are going to have," said Sterling Francious, Bushkill.

Some of the students moving in don't live far from the campus. When Newswatch 16 asked why they opted to dorm instead of commute, they say the answer is simple. They wanted the full college experience.

Aiden Stone says it only took his family about 40 minutes to get to campus. He could have done the commute, but would rather experience life away from home.

"It's pretty good. I need to adjust to the new lifestyle I guess. I have been home way too long with my family," said Stone.

"You're so used to being with your parents and this gives you a chance to be on your own so and it kind of prepares you I guess for the real world," said Witzman.

Classes begin next week at East Stroudsburg University.


  • shut em up!

    Oh great….back to the noise and loud parties….most of those kids are just a problem….keep em all on campus and out of our quiet neighborhood!

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Interesting cover pic!

    Instead of sweaty people lugging boxes up 4 flights of steps, it’s a pic of booty and legs!!

    Quite an accurate representation of moving from one place to another!

    I wonder if the people in the photo even know someone snapped their picture like that? Haha

  • Wnepviewer

    Great story. I enjoy a good read like this when i am sipping my sodas. Kids must be excited to get back to school. Nolan Johannes was so cute. RIP

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