Man Charged with Homicide in Deadly Shooting

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- Police have charged 26-year-old Lashawn Sanders, of East Stroudsburg with homicide.

Police say Sanders shot Kenneth Williams Junior inside an apartment on Barnum Street yesterday afternoon.

Sanders claims the shooting was accidental, and he did not know the gun was loaded.

Sanders is locked up in Monroe County Jail tonight.


  • Lance

    Why was he playing with a gun? Obviously he suffers from a gross amount of stupidity. Yeah Arch people like this should be nowhere near a gun

  • El Ma

    Quite frankly, this whole thing is awful. One man is dead and the other one is charged with murder – because of stupidity. Firearms are not toys, whether one thinks their unloaded, or not. People brandish weapons ALL of the time because they just don’t get it: they’re weapons, and they’re lethal.


  • Who dat?

    I wonder what white devil slave master, Nazi, Republican, statue loving, Trump supporter made him do this? (Sarcasm for you Liberals that wouldn’t have understood)

    • look in the mirror

      He’s trash. Fine. However, these pages are filled with hundreds of disgusting news stories done by white trash. What BLM, left-wing, “liberal” (although you clearly have no idea what the word means) etc etc person made them do those crimes? Grow up.

    • Jay

      All of them. It’s all white people’s fault for them wanting to be gangsters. It’s not the culture were a gangster is glorified. Go rap music

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    It’s a hard knock life… for us!

    It’s a hard knock life… for us!

    Instead of treated, we get tricked.

    Instead of kisses, we get kicked!

    It’s a hard knock life.

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