Griffin Pond Humane Officer Suspended

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SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP -- A second employee has now been suspended from an animal shelter near Clarks Summit.

The board of directors at Griffin Pond confirm humane officer, Sandy Scala, has been suspended with pay.

A reason why is not yet known.

This is just the latest development in the controversy surrounding Griffin Pond.

On Thursday, executive director Ed Florentino resigned from his post, following public outrage over alleged misconduct at the shelter.


  • shirley

    time for me to leave this site as the real loonies have arrived!!my suggestion for appropriate people to adopt some of the dogs up there has been all distorted.. by the way, i have cared for people in my profession all my life and also others that need it..el ma is so very right when she says that volunteering at a society is an eye opener..just take a walk down the isle of the inner dog area and you will see what a sad existance these dogs live after being caged for an excessive amt of not know what happened up there but if you are able and willing consider adopting thanks and goodby because if you think that note was a rant you have no idea..


      nananana na na na na hey hey goodbye
      you have probably been on a rant your entire life which is why the only things that can tolerate you are creatures without a voice or choice.
      sing the words if you know them

  • shirley

    elma, how often have i heard the ‘poor children’ brought up in animal issues.. there is no excuse for any abuse of any living creature..wish i had control over the reproductive habits of some human idiots! i will continue to adopt and neuter any stray that enters my yard.. i am lucky to be able to spend on animals andhave worked long and hard to do it.. not trying to guilt anyone and many should not own a pet such as the nut that tied up a 10 year old female terrior to be bred by all.. yes i had her and yes she developed mamory tumors which cost a penny! not all can adopt but how many have one dog that complains about the situation at any shelter but speaks on this site and does nothing to help i dont comment on these anonymous sites but i really get hot over animal issues you can adopt the kids; my mom did

    • Hurricane Harvey

      Holier than thou, you rant, rave, and make yourself appear a complete lunatic. You’ve spent your whole life immersed in caring for animals and you want a cookie for that. Fine and good but don’t you dare sit in judgment of people who don’t live in the same lunatic world that you do. Some people have a different focus and you are not the appointed judge and jury of the world. Shut your pie hole and go back to the animals that can’t tell you what a mentally disturbed loony you are. No wonder you spent your life alone with animals.

      • Gretchen Riley

        People who downplay the suffering of people over animals have psychological problems. They don’t get on well with people and they think that they’re helping animals who really can’t say anything about going to the vet every six weeks for one treatment or another. The vets can smell these people coming and milk them for every penny they have on prolonged and experimental treatments that end up killing the animals after all. Meanwhile kids in their own neighborhoods are being neglected and abused and they claim that they cant do anything about that, but they’ll be the first in line to foster some neglected animal. Its a mental illness.

    • Pineknotter

      Shirley, my dear, you concern me because you sound like one of those people that would spend $20K on a dog with cancer and walk right by a homeless person lying in a gutter and not give them what’s left of your granola bar. Dear, there are many people out there that need help and to minimize human suffering the way that you have is clearly a symptom of personal issues.

  • Jennifer

    Officer Scala has failed to file charges against animal abusers on multiple occasions. Perpetrators who have abused animals had a “blind eye” turned to them because she (Scala) cannot “morally and ethnically” file charges against someone with “mental illness”. So GOD knows how many animals continue to suffer because of her “compassion”. There is one case that I know of that the abuser killed two cats by starvation. The abuser was never fined and was STILL allowed to keep her other animals. HOW IS THIS BEING A VOICE AND ADVOCATE FOR THE ANIMALS?

  • shirley

    just wondering how many of you outraged people have adopted pets from griffon..[yes in the last 40 of my 65 years i have adopted over 15 dogs ,most with special needs] and several cats..confess i dont know what the story is about and cant seem to get the info but how about adopting more than one dog..even ingrid of peta does not agree with caging dogs indefinately as they go insane..she had a great article in one of her peta magazines.. go up and adopt!!

    • El Ma

      SHIRLEY, people don’t run up to Griffon because they don’t live near the shelter, or they made the very wise decision NOT to bring a pet into their homes because they understand the enormous emotional, financial, and physical commitment that a dog requires.

      You’ve earned your gold star for adopting 15 dogs during your lifetime, but insisting that people with no inclination to be pet owners is playing a guilt-card. How many CHILDREN – human beings – are in foster care, and they have no voices, either? How many special needs children have you adopted in your 65 years?

      The world is never, ever going to be a Utopia for all of God’s creatures, human included. People do the best that they can by donating, volunteering, supporting, or getting involved in fund-raising. Demanding more than that, or urging more than that is the same as a shelter employee telling a visitor that the dog that they’re looking at is going to be euthanized, the next day, when it isn’t scheduled, at all. Ease UP – we can’t save everything on the planet, even if we wish that we could.


      Used to be a member of PETA in the ’70’s. When the group began assaulting people and demonizing people for eating meat or wearing leather, I opted out. There is a balance between care and concern, and PETA is just a group of angry, rabid people who are not in touch with the balance, and probably never were.

  • Dog Owner Advocate

    The truth usually has a way of surfacing thru the lies. There are ways to determine if someone is being dishonest (even those smarter than the system). Governor Wolf and the state need to step in. Libre Law (tougher animal cruelty law) goes into effect Monday.

  • Dog Owner Advocate

    EL MA–I realize how expensive it can be, but right now there are 19 animals available to adopt 8/26/17 on Petfinder and the Griffin Pond Animal Shelter websites. There is a $3.4 Million Dollar expansion or should we say real estate project, with volunteers to help take care of the animals. Just another note, PEOPLE WOULD RATHER RESIGN THAN TO BE FIRED—LOOKS BETTER ON A RESUME!!!

    • El Ma

      Yeah, and there are nearly 2000 children in the State of PA that are in dire need of permanent loving homes. I’m not capable of adopting EITHER.

      Resigning without scandal absolutely does look better on a resume. At this point, the scandal surrounding Florentino’s resignation is so thick that he should be grateful if he’s able to land a job behind the counter of a Sheezt station.

    • Yeti Pro

      lookit you carrying on like people are going to hike to the shelter to pick out one of 19 dogs to adopt. what is wrong with you? you need therapy

  • Dog Owner Advocate

    How much would the amount of this $3.4 million expansion-(slightly bigger cages for the same amount of animals, but a glorious training or meeting room, etc.)-cover for the animals? People donate money to make the animals more comfortable and proper care, not for a boost in real estate!

  • Dog Owner Advocate

    CLSD–Just wondering if you would personally know why a 3 year old dog that was on WNEP approximately six months ago and it was stated that she was very social and loved people was euthanized on August 14th amidst a renovation that limited visitors and prior to the grand opening???

  • Dog Owner Advocate

    This is as bad as the abuse of the elderly in a nursing home situation. No matter how bad the patient, they have rights and are at the mercy of their caretakers. Justify an expansion, salaries, etc. but the care never gets the same attention until someone comes forward to reveal the misconduct whether financial or humane. If you really want change, come forward and tell the truth no matter how bad. Be the solution not part of the problem! Speak Up!!

    • Their skeert

      they wont come forward because their askeert someone hit a nerve and ever1 is blaming someone else its crazee

      • Dog Owner Advocate

        The truth usually has a way of surfacing thru the lies. There are ways to determine if someone is being dishonest. The Govenor Wolf needs to step in. Libre Law (tougher animal cruelty law) goes into effect Monday.

  • Marie

    Time to put them in cages and torment them . Then have them lie down with a foot on their head. Right Sandy? Humane is not the word I would give you.

  • CLSD

    I love when things on social media blow everything out of proportion. All the people and there opinions who are embarrassing themselves with there nasty comments about the people involved. The only people the know the true facts are the people involved! All the ignorance just amazes me! The people making accusations are ex board members ex employees (disgruntled ) and volunteers whom which don’t know a lot and talk about things that are all hear say! People need to stop being so ignorant. the people being accused of these issues are being accused by people who want to smear their GOOD name because they have their own Vendetta against them. Good luck to this involved I know the situations that you are put in can be heartbreaking and do no let people with their ignorance to the situation get you down . I hope board members will realize how social media spreads horrible rumors and 99999% of the people on it have no idea what it’s like to be in your position and the board members may want to look towards the real professionals not the people on their couch without a life that say they know the facts. ❤️

    • El Ma

      CLSD, I am one of those “… volunteers whom which don’t know a lot ..” and I will tell you that volunteers may SEEM to be ignorant of how a place is run, but they are privy to more information than paid employees give them credit for having. They hear, see, and experience more than you think they do, and it would behoove you to realize and accept that fact.

      Obviously, you’re typing about something for which you have a strong passion, and that is commendable. But, here’s the bottom line: when rats begin jumping from a ship, it typically means that the ship is going down. There is a high-profile resignation, and an enforcement officer who has been suspended. This doesn’t happen apropos nothing. Something more than death threats prompted a Director to flee, and an officer to be placed on suspension. The deeper this matter is investigated, and the more intensely the money is followed, I will bet a month’s income that this place gets turned inside out, from top to bottom.

      You haven’t stated YOUR position or how you have amassed so much insider knowledge that you claim to have. If you can’t list your association with this whole mess, why not? What’s there to lose in loyalty, unless there’s a chance that you’ll find yourself in trouble, as well?

      As a strict aside to those who are so adamant about no-kill policies, I urge you to consider volunteering for a humane shelter. Only first-hand experience can really give a person a true understanding of why every animal that comes in cannot be saved or kept until they pass from natural causes. It is a VERY expensive endeavor to run a shelter – there is food, medicines, treatments, salaries, office supplies, pet supplies, litter and boxes, collars and vaccinations, and a host of other expenses that are never-ending. Many of the “pets” that come in have been so severely neglected or abused that they cannot be integrated into a family situation.

      • CLSD

        My position is quite clear if you read what I wrote. The people who know the truth and need to know the truth are the people involved and don’t need to go into detail for anyone especially on social media.. I read ur reply obviously.. thanks for the time to type it.. hope you have a wonderful weekend

      • El Ma

        CLSD, no, your position within this organization isn’t clear, at all. You’re supportive of the former Director who resigned AFTER being suspended, and the animal control officer who was suspended for reasons unknown, as yet.

        Loyalty is commendable, but it can also create a serious challenge when things fall apart.

      • El Ma

        ……….and, CLSD, all of the facts will be made public, in due time, regardless of your belief that the people involve are the only people who will be privy to the facts. A non-profit organization functions under a completely different set of laws than a corporation does. Corporations can do all sorts of magic tricks to hide one thing, and then another. Non-profit organizations, on the other hand, are under public scrutiny, at all times.

        May you enjoy a peaceful weekend, as well.

      • CLSD

        My position is that all the ignorant people with their bs.. just as you state you know what I’m supporting and what I’m not .. ignorance I love it .. well I’m down with the whole back and forth thing .. nice chatting.. I made i statement for some actually facts and observations that is all .. good day to u again and good bye :)

    • Fire her

      I’m not an employee, ex employee, or volunteer for the shelter. I found myself in need of help from someone who can enforce safety of animals on others and the situation was completely neglected bc “it’s my towns problem not hers” all it would have taken for her to help my communities feral cat situation is for her to knock on these ignorant animal owners door and tell them not to release their cats outdoors unfixed. Educate them on the safety of animals. If I was to do it it would have gone no where. It is her job as a humane officer to help the community and she neglects to do that. She neglects to help the animals who have no voice. For that, I hope they fill her position with someone who can do better

    • Gordon Ramsay

      Are you one of those spinster women who never married and hate people in general? Sure sounds like it. If you were the person that I spoke to when I visited the shelter, your nasty attitude and self righteous airs are the reason that we walked out disgusted and disappointed.

  • Fire her

    This woman does nothing to help the animals. I’ve called her numerous times about the cats in my area that ignorant people just don’t fix them and they multiply with disease. Kindly asked if she could do something about it whether it be trap them or talk to the household that keeps letting their unfixed cats outdoors and she refuses to do either. She said it’s my towns problem that I can trap them myself, take them to the griffin pond shelter, have to pay a fee for each one and then the shelter will handle them. Hopefully she gets fired and someone with compassion for animals and wanting to do right by animals takes the job because she does nothing!!!

    • Gordon Ramsay

      She looks like she moonlights as a stripper. Whole lot of makeup and badly bleached hair to be concerned with helping animals. Just sayin’


    hang hang hang HANG HANG HANG hang hang hang HANG HANG HANG and check them animals for signs of molestation!

  • wannabeinformed

    They should look into the other humane officer too..I don’t remember his name.Sry.
    My cat was lured and trapped by this pos woman, who had nothing better to do… ( south side Scranton, corner of pear street, and pittston ave). The ” humane” officer picked up the cat, but it never ” arrived” at Griffin pond.
    Much time later, our cat was found by a nice person by LAKE SCRANTON!!!!! This person called us, because our cat still wore his collar, with name tag and phone number!!!!! It was stated to us, that there’s a lot of ” strays” showing up in that area, all of a sudden…….

    • El Ma

      WANNABEINFORMED, truly that is a terrible story and I’m going to ask if you filed a complaint against the officer – not as a criticism, but just in general. I’ve been a volunteer at humane shelters and I’ve seen some stuff that the general public would NOT believe, even if they saw pictures and video. So…….nothing would surprise me as this drama unfolds.

      So glad you got your kitty back.

      • wannabeinformed

        Thank you!
        No, we didn’t, because we had no proof. We know the cat was trapped, because the male humane officer said, he had the cat, but he claimed he ” lost it ” …. there’s no way a house cat walks all the way from south side to lake Scranton. He also claimed he called us ( the cat had our phone number on his collar), but that was also not true. With today technology, one SEES if there was a missed call, a hangup, or whatever….

    • Animal Mafia

      Don’t let your cat outside to begin with, idiot. It’s not safe, especially in the city. If you cared about your pet, you wouldn’t put it in danger to begin with. It’s people who let their pets roam that cause the population of stray and feral cats and then do nothing to help. Keep your cats fixed and indoors!!!!!

      • El Ma

        ANIMAL MAFIA, what an excellent suggestion. Pets always do what we demand of them and never, EVER just dash out of a door when someone’s bringing in groceries, or fetching their mail. Nope. It never happens. Right? It’s the OWNERS that toss their pets out of the doors and tell them to return home when they’ve gotten a job that are to blame. What an ass!

    • El Ma

      JAMES, will there be a protest rally?!?!?! ;-) If so, I’ll be on the side of the opposition, whichever side that happens to be. PLM – or, FLM (Feline Lives Matter). Oh………perhaps, I’ll support the GPLM: Guinea Pig Lives Matter. Which one gets to throw urine on the other people without facing consequences? (snort, guffaw)

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    It’s a good thing these PETA mobs don’t get their way with the punishments or these people would have been in front of the firing squads already.

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