Allegiant Air to Leave Airport in Luzerne County

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WILKES-BARRE/SCRANTON INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT -- A low-cost airline is leaving the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport.

Airport officials announced Friday that Allegiant Air will stop service to and from the airport sometime in January.

A reason wasn't given.

Allegiant has been flying out of the airport in Luzerne County for five years.


  • Fredric

    Din and Dagbert just hit a point. FREIGHT FLIES FIRST.

    Allegiant is marginally profitable as is the airport. HOWEVER, flying airfreight is far more profitable. U. P. S. flies freight into AVOCA. Allegiant can make many times the money with no planes or fuel or screaming brats by leasing their take off and landing times to U. P. S. so you can shop on line from Wally mart or Amazon.

    American air has been doing it for years as I painfully discovered 11 November 2015.

    • Armstrong

      You can pack much more freight and mail on a plane than you can passengers. Although with how closely they’re stuffing the seats together it looks like they’re trying to get more passengers on the plane than mail and freight.

      • Armstrong


        Your Welcome!!!

        Just make sure you keep up to date with your flight on flightaware.

        You can also keep tabs on the inbound flight so that you’re aware of any problems in regards to your outbound flight(s). Happy Trails.

    • Dagbert

      The expansion is just a ruse to get more tax money. Look at Pittsburgh. They basically put in a new airport and USAir (since then name changes and mergers) cut way back. Colorado Springs expanded their airport for Western Pacific. They went out of business shortly after.

  • Mike O'Hara

    With its backwards name, the result of corrupt backwoods politicians on the take, this so-called airport has zero credibility, and airlines inevitably take notice after a couple years and pull out, just like the National Weather Service did.

  • Marbs

    Just go to Allentown, Allegiant flies nonstop from there to more destinations in Florida than from Scranton.

    • RickyBob

      They fly to four Florida airports from Allentown. Same number as Scranton. But they add Myrtle Beach SC into the destinations. Cost may differ.

  • El Ma

    Wilkes-Barre International Airport? International? As in……… flights land in Wilkes-Barre? omigawd, who knew? :-O

  • Fredric

    Let’s check the record.

    1. Allegiant has filed for bankruptcy before, just like American.
    2. Avoca is not a major hub hence limiting their profitability.
    3. Security and other hassles in Avoca are painful.
    4. PA residents will be effectively treated like aliens as they will require passports to leave this fiefdom. Blame Harrisburg!! Until this identification mess is cleared, no one leave the room.
    6. Allegiant is being proactive in announcing a cessation of flights before 31 January 2018 deadline. If they book a flight for departure after the deadline, every one with a PA Identification would be a refund with money already used to maintain the plane and buy fuel for what will be an empty, nonprofitable flight.
    7. Watch for other airlines to apply pressure this way.

    AVOCA and other airports in PA could soon be bus stations in the jet age.

  • Ane

    This is my preffered flight, not only for low cost but the only one that does non stop. As a mom traveling with little ones having multiple stops are such an inconvenience.

    • Austin

      Great! Now you’re going to be on my plane with your five bratty, snot nosed, rude, inconsiderate kids annoying me from when you get on the plane until after I get off the plane. When I complain to you, you tell me your kids didn’t do anything that they are well behaved. One can’t stop playing with the seat and constantly jamming it into my knees and knocking my food and drinks off the table. Another one continually throws objects at other passengers. One cries from boarding the plane until deplaning. And of course your mad at me and my wife because she won’t give up he paid seat so that your child can sit in her seat. Give me a break. When you and your children boar the plane it takes 15 or 20 minutes from the time you reach the door of the aircarft until you reach your row (10) where your family is seated. And by this time we’re not even seated with our items placed in the overhead and beneath the seat. Getting off the aircraft is even worse because no one can find all their belongings. Once we’re off the aircraft and into the concourse we spread out so no one can pass and those of us that have a connecting flight in 15 minutes barely make it to the gate. And of course we have to hear complaints on how expensive flying is with five kids, how no one wants to help you with the kids including the airline personnel whether they work for the airline your flying on or not and of course how much airport food cost and everything else related to flying.

      • Bob Smith

        Really? How horrible. I didn’t use Allegiant since moving to Scranton from Texas since that plane goes very limited routes. I wouldn’t use United as loser airline.

      • Murdoch

        Had to look up where they go from here. Not that I didn’t trust you. They list four destinations from here.

      • Get A Grip

        7wow, talk about projecting ANGER!!! You know nothing about And yet you write things like that about her and her kids? Maybe the next time you experience that you actually have some guys and confront the problem head on instead of attacking someone not involved on your drama.

      • Rodney

        Get a Grip, Get some reality. She and her kids are a late night television staple of jokes. Maybe your too old to stay up that late.

      • Darla

        Every time you ask the mother or father to please tell their kid to behave they tell you the kid is doing nothing wrong. Loosing battle every time. Their kid(s) is/are always just little angels.

      • Blacklung

        Yes “GET A GRIP”, telling a mother to make her kids behave is the same as telling a smoker not to smoke by you. You’ll get told where to go, mind your own business, I have rights and on and on and on. Get a Grip, Get a Brain.

      • Pleasantoldman

        As a wise man once said; “show some respect I paid a dollar for this movie”.

        Didn’t work, the lady still didn’t shut the brat up.

  • Albert


    Pennsylvanians can’t fly since TSA won’t accept their driver’s license for identifiacation

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