Afternoon Shooting at East Stroudsburg Apartments Now A Homicide; 29-Year-Old Man Arrested

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

EAST STROUDSBURG -- Police in Monroe County confirmed late Thursday night that the shooting that took place earlier in East Stroudsburg is now a homicide.

Police just announced they've arrested Lashawn Sanders, 29, of East Stroudsburg for the death of the 25-year-old man.

Officers swarmed an apartment complex on Barnum Street in East Stroudsburg just after 3 p.m. on Thursday.

The Stroud Area Regional Police Department confirm a 25-year-old man died at the hospital after being shot in the chest.

Nicole Burnett has lived in the apartments across the street for five years and says nothing like this has happened since she moved in.

“It's surprising like I said it's usually quiet over here so when I came home today I was a little surprised to see all the cop cars and everything but they didn't too much,” said Burnett.

What's even more unsettling Burnett says is that a shooting happened in the middle of the day, in a neighborhood that's just a block away from the Stroud Area Regional Police Department.

“It's surprising, right down the block so you would think nothing would happen,” said Burnett.

But Amy Krushinski lives at the end of the block and says this area has gotten dangerous.

“There's been incidents on this street, there's been incidents over on the next avenue, so I'm not surprised, doesn't surprise me,” said Krushinski. “It's not the safest when I walk [my dog] I carry pepper spray at night so.”

Now, police say Sanders is being charged with the shooting victim's death. He will face charges of criminal homicide and possession of a firearm with an altered serial number.

Police made the arrest after state police executed a search warrant at the scene and discovered a 9 mm semiautomatic handgun with obliterated serial numbers.

“Things happen anywhere, it doesn't really matter where you live, you just have to be careful and aware of your surroundings,” said Burnett. “Touch base with your loved ones constantly to make sure everything's okay. like my son was out of school so he was home when this happened.”


  • look in the mirror

    Funny how you seem to have all the answers to crimes committed by African Americans (and you are make it ironically “clear” that you are not racist and refuse to acknowledge white privilege). You also feel extremely comfortable lumping all African Americans into one mold, that all glorify “gangster life” etc. You are in fact manifesting the very idea of racism. Funny also how you don’t do the same for the thousands of disgusting horrendous killers, child predators, thieves that are white that dominate the news items here. Get real.

    • El Ma

      LOOK IN THE MIRROR, you are incorrect and making broad and sweeping assumptions. What I typed was true – a hard-working and dedicated black individual is vilified by their “own” because being successful, purchasing one’s own home, sending children to summer camps, and NOT referring to their race is viewed as “going white.”

      Absolutely, I refuse to acknowledge “white privilege,” because I am, in no way, “privileged.” I had to pay for my own college education because I owned my own home and didn’t meet “the criteria.” This is what I was told by guidance and enrollment “specialists.” When I asked, “What do you mean, ‘criteria?'” Their response, across the boards, was silence accompanied with a shrug. I worked very, very hard to go to school on a full-time basis, work part-time, and earn a $500 scholarship (paid for books), and graduated with a 4.0GPA. I was presented with achievement awards in college, as well as Gannett for my work ethics and diligence. ALL of this I did without ever feeling compelled to play a gender-card, race-card, or any other Human Resources game to get ahead of someone who was better qualified than I.

      I have been homeless. I have been jobless. I have been without transportation, or any health care. Does that sound like privilege to you?

      Refusing to buy into a concept that I disagree with does not make me “racist.” That’s almost as ludicrous as saying that seat belts are “racist” against fat people because they can’t get the belts around their bodies. Just because someone screams, ‘RACIST!” doesn’t necessarily make it a fact. It’s an opinion, and one that is based upon a bastardized definition of the word. Stop making excuses. And…….LOOKINTHEMIRROR………I hold everyone accountable, without any bias.

      Call me whatever makes you feel better, if you have to. It doesn’t bother me, one iota.

    • El Ma

      ……….as per the “crimes committed by African Americans……” this article is about one man who shot another man to death. They both happened to be black. Had it been two white men, the result would have been the same with more people coming out of the woodwork to type what a blessing it was.

      You are a hypocrite AND use racist language, yourself. You really should……..look in the mirror.

  • Robert

    Please give Lashawn a break already. We don’t even know why he shot that person. Obviously he’s not that bright, hanging onto a firearm with the serial number altered, but expectations were probably never that high for Mr. Sanders. Were they? I’m still hopeful his reasons for shooting another human being were something at least a majority could support. Perhaps a rapist, pedophile or to save an innocent from great harm or death? I’m rooting for you Lashawn!

    • john jacob jingleheimer schmidt

      Read the new WNEP article “Man Charged With Homicide In Deadly Shooting”. He didn’t know the gun was loaded? He is in the military. They teach you to clear inspect and clean weapons. So i think that takes the assumption that the victim was a rapist, pedophile or that Lashawn was saving an innocent life out of the equation. Looks more like he took an innocent life.

      • Robert

        LOL, you got me John. However I’d have put “innocent” in quotes. Your taking as big a gamble as I did with that statement.

    • El Ma

      Robert, the man discharge a firearm that, according to statements, he didn’t know was loaded.

      This is why brandishing a firearm is a criminal offense.

      To address vigilante justice means that YOU could be suspected of something and meet such a fate, undeserved. Even though the system is broken, we have courts and protocol. It doesn’t always work, and Family Courts are probably the most broken spoke of the wheel of justice. But, we do have laws so that you can wake up tomorrow, go to Starbark’s, get your $5 latte, and do it with a relative certainty that you’re not going to have someone point a finger at the coffee bar and scream, “THERE’S ROBERT! He ATE my BABY!”

      • Robert

        Dam I hate Mondays. Lashawn let me down. So sad, I just wanted to root for the underdog.
        Hey, the good news is he’s going to be safe and live a longer than average life in the big house!
        Unless he gets out in a few years by the magic of our justice system, only to reenter the fray. Well he still beat the odds having survived the gestation period (most dangerous time for the melatonin blessed), he’ll be just fine.

  • shut em up!

    I can only comment on what I’ve heard from news. Lashawn is just another POS who should never have been carrying a gun. God knows how many other wannabe gangstas are walking among us….these POS lowlives belong in the slammer. They get what they ask for!

    • John

      The 2 idiots in question don’t even live in public housing they were guests of a resident. So are all people in public housing trash or just the darker skin ones? Because if all then your lumping all people of public housing into a group because 2 idiots are involved with something stupid. If it’s only the color of the skin then it’s self explanatory. Let’s be real public housing and welfare among other programs are intended to help those down on their luck income wise. Do some abuse these programs? Yes but not all. Bring it back to one idiot shot and killed someone for no reason. You shoot someone in the chest that’s an accident? That’s like saying I didn’t aim for the head I meant to shot the bird. I think Mr. Lashawn is now only sorry because he got CAUGHT. Plenty of people say it’s a normally nice and quiet area 1 person who doesn’t even live in that specific area was questioned about the shooting? Does that even make sense? So is main street a horrible area because cops hang out there on Friday nights? God there are more crimes at Walmart than anywhere else. Walmart is ruining the area. Oh that doesn’t make much sense does it?

  • El Ma

    Here we go, again. This murder is going to become some platform for some kind of protest about racist, Nazis, and white privilege. I do not believe that Lashawn Sanders fired a weapon into the chest of the victim because they were in disagreement over a particular algorithm of quantum physics. As per typical, there will be much wailing, rending of clothes, and gnashing of teeth.

    You people who are typing “racist” this and “racist” that, go check yourselves, and do it, quickly IF YOU HAVE THE CAPCITY. Lashawn shot anothuh bruthuh, and likely over something that is so insignificant that it will boggle the mind if the facts are ever made public.

    Here is the bottom line. If people do not like unflattering comments or views of their culture, then the option to avoid that discomfort and anger is to CHANGE IT. Stop making excuses for people’s behaviors and choices. Stop glorifying the “Thug Life.” Stop encouraging and supporting teenaged children to reproduce when they are not spiritually, emotionally, or financially prepared to raise a healthy, productive member of society. STOP slapping young men on the back for creating a host of illegitimate offspring that the taxpayers are support, instead of the sperm donors. BEGIN demanding higher standards from your brothers and sisters. STOP punishing and ridiculing men and women who escaped Da Hood and earned their degrees in medicine, law, and engineering. Don’t you people (YEAH, I typed it!) realize that your own culture is what you’ve created? Nobody but your own can fix this mess. No politician, reverend, or outreach worker is going to drive home the fact that there are a dozen Lashawns, each day, that kill members of their own community simply because THEY CAN.

    A society cannot foster positive change and progress when they make excuses for every amoral, unethical, and illegal action or choice by members of their community. Relying upon our own abilities rather than a government entity means that people (everyone) has a fair chance to make a better life for themselves. Where was Lashawn Sanders going with his own life? THINK ABOUT IT.

    • El Ma

      ……….to clarify, I do not suffer from white guilt, white privilege, or any other white-based misconception. If we want to talk, “racist,” let’s call those labels JUST as “racist” as any other term directed towards anyone of color. Let’s call THAT “hate speech,” too, because those words just amp up the black-based angst instead of causing me to feel bad about my lack of melanin. :-/

  • wwjd

    “Funny” (not) all the “cute”, “humorous” jokes and comments on this site a couple of days ago about the “nice white lady” who blew her husband’s brains out in cold blooded murder. When a person of color is involved, the racists just can’t seem to control themselves and view it as affirmation of their hateful view of the world. Wake up. Trash comes in all colors. And there are wonderful folks too of all colors. Judge every individual by their actions, not their color or creed. Try and smile and say “good morning” to people of groups you say you “hate”, you might be surprised at the result.

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      As they would do the same, right?

      Most “thugs” aren’t awake in the morning anyway.

      You gotta love the “holier than though” crowd that you identify with. Such simple common sense world peace philosophies that keep getting recycled down through the ages, yet never work.

      Yes, trash comes in all shapes and sizes, so does bad advice.

      One thing this planet will never have is peace and understanding, so have fun with it!!

      • wwjd

        Sorry if I sounded holier-than-thou. Not my intention. It is not advice — bad or otherwise — it is just my own experience I offer. Hate is a pretty heavy burden to carry — especially when it is just some general kind like prejudice. When I say “smile and say good morning” I mean that in a general way. Just try the experiment — say hello to a black man you are thinking is a thug (who might just be a veteran). Or open a door for a women wearing a headscarf struggling with her groceries (whose husband at that moment might be a heart surgeon saving the life of someone you love). You might find your own day is a lot better — and by extension maybe our communities become better too as these “others” have more interest in “integrating” when they feel less hatred and a smidgeon of being welcome. Just give it a try before you “thumbs down” me!

      • El Ma

        WWJD, until every human being realizes and accepts that there is no such thing as, “FAIR,” the quicker we can all go on with the tasks of daily living, rather than try to debate meaningless and esoteric issues that have no remedy.

        Human beings are hard-wired to include or exclude – this has been a matter of survival since mankind stood upright and became tribes. This is the way that it is. The louder anyone screams about how unfair life is, the less relevant and valid their arguments become.

        Lashawn Sanders shot one of his own community members, and there is no more information on what the motive might have been, but you can bet a year’s salary that it wasn’t over some architectural concern at the complex.

        The challenge is for everyone who is typing about racism and prejudice to sit back and really think about their own views, perceptions, and opinions. Who among these individuals has NEVER harbored a prejudiced thought, in their lives? Who among all of us (ME, INCLUDED) has never, ever made a “racist” remark?

        So………..this isn’t about race. It’s about Sanders being arrested for murder. End of story.

      • 😖

        Jesus tells us in Matthew 5:44 that we are too love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and PRAY for them that despitefully use you and persecute you. So hate is in the world but we are not suppose to follow all the corruption in this world.

      • Lloyd schmucatelli

        El Ma, I’m simply going to start posting this:

        “What El Ma is about to say and totally own anyone who tries to argue his point!”

        When you post, I feel like I can take a break…


        Always brilliant.

      • whatsgoingon

        @blank_face Jesus said that to prove a point that thinking about committing a sin is already committed in one’s heart because this points to the NEED of a Savior…EVERYONE is a sinner..but a person who curses like a sailor, isn’t the same as um ted bundy! K?

      • 😖

        What’s going on, I understand what Jesus means. But, what I said about hating is the same as murding someone is about how we are suppose to lead people to the Lord. Hating them is not leading them to Jesus, they will just die in their sin therefore it’s murder . I know what I meant. And I also know the scripture you are referring to. Thank you 😊

      • 😖

        Btw what’s going on, cursing is not referring to saying swear words, it means wishing bad things on someone such as wishing hurt or death. That’s what cursing someone is. And yes we all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Jesus IS MY Saviour. I have been walking with him for twelve years now. So you don’t have to be mean to me and act like I don’t know things. I have volunteered at a God based drug and alcohol rehab in Florida which is all Bible based. And they do everything the BIble teaches us. (Deliverance). So….

      • whatsgoingon

        @blank_face well that’s great, 12 years and doing good works, that’s great, but you’re the one being condescending here not me..we need to take care how we share because legalism hurts the Gospel and maybe you’re just sharing how and what you’re taught but there are 2 billion Christians in the world and we’re all gonna have each one their own unique perspective. The bible clearly tells us that even God hates, not people, but behaviors. The difference between thinking something and doing it is the choice to walk away and/or just say no! and i am with the Lord over 30 yrs.
        And I’ve seen plenty of Christians commit a whole lotta ugly too..

      • 😖

        What’s going on, I’ve seen alot of ugly myself. I get what you’re saying and I’m not trying to be condescending. Forgive me for that. Yes I agree God loves the sinner and hates the sin as we are supposed to also. That’s the only point I am trying to make. Sorry if I came off the wrong way. Yes everyone believes differently. I don’t want to make any waves so, just please accept my apology and have an awesome day! 😊

      • El Ma

        Right. “Love thy enemies” does not translated into “Excuse thy enemies.” Compassion is NOT the same thing as permission to act with malice. “Turn the other cheek” also should never be interpreted into allowing someone else to use/abuse us. This simply means to walk away, without carrying our own malice OR thoughts of vengeance.

        A person has to pay for their crimes, as well as for their mistakes. “Owning” one’s mistakes or deliberate acts of malice is part of the process – standing accountable is another part. And, doing it all with a semblance of DIGNITY is the final part of that process.

        Today, there is absolutely no dignity, ethics, morals, or common sense. This killing was perpetrated by one person against another, regardless of their race. Having typed that, if people of color are tired of the stereotypes……..CHANGE IT with positive and progressive steps, rather than blaming people for things that are now way, way in the past. People have the choice to either STOP giving in to the rhetoric, or remaining with the status quo as professional victims. It’s tedious, at the very least.

      • El Ma

        Lloyd, you are going to get a HUGE laugh out of this, but I’m a female. LMAO!LMAO!!!!!!!! LOLOL And, my friend, I didn’t take offense to the pronoun reference because I was raised during a time when the rule was that an absence of a defined gender always ended up as, “he,” “his,” or “him.” I am absolutely NOT offended, and I appreciate your kudos.

    • i_see_hypocrites

      WWJD That’s a line of BS! Stop acting like racism isn’t a part of ALL cultures and creeds! I’ve lived in both rural and urban environments and low-life is low-life! ALL the same across the board and I NEVER see other races calling out their own! EVER!! HOWEVER if you ever read enough you would see US calling out our own PLENTY! SO STOP LYING!!

      • wwjd

        Well Hyprocrites, Agreed. Racism does exist everywhere. So does cancer. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t act to deal with it. All I’m suggesting is that solution to racism begins in ourselves. Just spewing hatred simply does nothing positive for anybody. Do yourself a favor — just as a scientific experiment — and try a little random act of kindness when you have the chance. Of course it’s not going to change the world, but it might nudge it in the right direction and even make your own day just a little better.

      • El Ma

        WWJD, we “deal with” racism by simply owning the fact that each and every one of us has our own thoughts, opinions, and views that could very, very easily be labeled as “racist” or “hate,” in today’s extraordinarily LOOSELY interpreted definitions.

        It’s old. It’s tedious. It’s history. Move on and be an example, rather than a professional victim.

      • El Ma

        While everyone is carrying on about what “SHOULD BE,” I would like a true theologian to, please, direct me to the passages in either the Old or New Testaments, Talmud, or any other religious or philosophical references that clearly state, “Life Is Fair.”

      • wwjd

        El ma: Why are you obsessed with “fair”? That is irrelevant here. Life is indeed not fair. So? The point is that we have two choices: promote hatred on sites like this or go out and try and just nudge the world a tiny bit in a positive direction. I simply suggest the latter has more merit based on my own life experience. It’s not religious, metaphysical or spiritual. It’s just practical.

      • El Ma

        WWJD, and the third option is to accept that I cannot change another person, their beliefs, or their attitudes. “Acceptance” is the understanding that I cannot bargain, negotiate, or wish for a better and more comfortable set of facts. The facts do not have an agenda, but my feelings most certainly do.

        By letting go and engaging in acceptance, I am relieved of the responsibility to fix the hurts of the world. I can only change myself and lead by example.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Lashawn, huh? I guess neither a bandit, nor skallywag be…

    How quickly we return to the ghetto thug.

      • Stell

        you should watch you say because the male that died was my brother.. And you are disgusting. Keep your nasty comments to yourself.

      • El Ma

        STELL, I daresay that I wouldn’t likely be posting on a news forum board, FaceTube, or any other social media if my sibling had been shot, two days ago. I would be heavily involved in helping my family cope with our collective loss, making arrangements, calling friends, and all of the rest of the tasks that come with such a loss.

      • i_see_hypocrites

        hey stell, this is a public forum on a newsite that you just happen NOT to own?! People will say what they will. lashawn was looking for a ride to scranton two days ago..for what? to make a drop? to shoot someone? why? nobody thinks they’re ever gonna get caught! i am sorry for your family’s loss, especially if your brother’s nose was clean, however, i’ve told people in my own household, being my spouse, mother, father, son, daughter, friend, who and whatever doesn’t mean that they’re exempt from following the law and walking in righteousness. i’ve all too often seen people all good if it’s their relative or friend no matter what they do. i’m not that person. unless someone kills in self-defense it’s never ok. again, i’m sorry for your loss. so sad when young people lose their lives.

      • i_see_hypocrites

        hey stell, this is a public forum on a newsite that you just happen NOT to own?! People will say what they will. lashawn was looking for a ride to scranton two days ago..for what? to make a drop? to shoot someone? why? nobody thinks they’re ever gonna get caught! i am sorry for your family’s loss, especially if your brother’s nose was clean, however, i’ve told people in my own household, being my spouse, mother, father, son, daughter, friend, who and whatever doesn’t mean that they’re exempt from following the law and walking in righteousness. i’ve all too often seen people all good if it’s their relative or friend no matter what they do. i’m not that person. unless someone kills in self-defense it’s never ok. again, i’m sorry for your loss. so sad when young people lose their lives.

      • wwjd

        Isn’t it possible that “Stell” is referring to the victim as their “brother” in the sense that he also you brother as a fellow human being?

    • El Ma

      WWDJ, if that is the case, then it’s one of convenience. It is very convenient and self-serving to define someone as “my brother” if they are a true or even perceived victim. But, would this still be the case if I approached “my brother” and said to him, “Brother, your choices and actions are dangerous and they are harming you, and your community. There is a better way to live.” Would THAT be the same connotation, or would that simply be dismissed as being patronizing and insincere? STOP TYPING, and START THINKING with an objective mind, instead of from a stance of professional victim.

  • Jessica stewart

    Hey John not to be rude but the original post mentioned race. So shove that up your racist ass. Thanks 😗 white people do wayyyyy more crazy shit on a wayyyyy larger scale. Try again.

  • Mother Teresa

    “Sadiddy Dot” on Facebook was shot by his African american “friend” Leshawn Sanders go ahead check Facebook they are both there. Mr Sanders was a SGT(E-5) in the Army and Mr. Dot was posting pictures saying he the kind that will “a shoot u”. Black Lives Matter PEOPLE!!!! Oh wait black on black crime doesn’t fall into this category only, cops on black. IMPEACH Trump Its all his fault. Sorry oh that doesn’t fit either. KKK strikes again!!! Wait they are both BLACK. I GOT IT!!! Two morons get into a fight idiot A talks about shooting people idiot B pulls out a gun shoots his “friend”. Idiot B ruins his life and takes another while Idiot A learned the definition of irony the hard way. Not to mention the persons’ house they where in will be evicted and lose child because they chose not to be careful of the company they keep. So 1 Shot 3 lives ruined. Good going Leshawn hows your clean record and freedom now? Don’t drop the soap.

      • john jacob jingleheimer schmidt

        Your clearly another ignorant snicker-licker and clearly missing the big picture she is pointing out and I agree with her. All the bigots are making this about race and politics and all she is saying take the race and politics out of the picture it was “Idiot B” who ruined multiple lives with 1 shot. And yes I looked up facebook and saw they were friends and I do believe he is the guy outside the house with his shirt off. Why pick up a gun settle it like adults.

      • own it - clean your own house

        The difference here – AWG – is there isn’t a White Lives Matter group that goes around demanding they want dead cops. You don’t see riots in the street, looting, and the destruction of public property by whites – or any other race other than blacks for that matter. The irony of BLM is they completely ignore black on black crime. No marches, no protests, no banners. I’ll agree 100% that there is plenty of white trash, and we’re also the majority race by numbers. Why does rap music glorify the thug life and call each other the ‘n’ word that is so awful to them? Why does an upstanding righteous person have a gun with obliterated serial numbers? If he’s so upstanding – wouldn’t he have a lawful handgun? Keep turning that blind eye, it’s working just great.

    • Average white guy

      John jacob, seeing as you can’t differentiate “your” and “you’re” I don’t see the need to rebut. Thank you for trying though. We may need to have your child teach your old ass something about modern english though … have a good one ; )

      • john jacob jingleheimer schmidt

        Clearly I struck a nerve proving your ignorance. Your best response and only thing you can come up with was Your instead of You’re. Modern English? I don’t really like new wave/post-punk. Oh you’re meaning vocabulary? Then you must mean proper English grammar.

      • whocares

        yeah right because stuff like that is SOOOO important in the face of it all! it’s a public forum where people express their opinions, it’s not a dissertation!

    • Jessica stewart

      Hey John not to be rude but the original post mentioned race. So shove that up your racist ass. Thanks 😗 white people do wayyyyy more crazy shit on a wayyyyy larger scale. Try again.

      • john jacob jingleheimer schmidt

        “Hey John not to be rude but the original post mentioned race. So shove that up your racist ass. Thanks white people do wayyyyy more crazy shit on a wayyyyy larger scale. Try again.” You hurt my feelings that was rude. But I get back on my feet. You do realize mentioning and making it about race is two different things correct? And isn’t your whole statement counterproductive? You say not to be rude then you intentionally do? Be careful the average white guy upstairs might get upset for using too many letter y’s. That’s not “modern english”. You call me racist? But, then you use “white people” seems a tad racist. What do you mean by white people? Greeks? Italians? Spanish? Jewish? French? Russians? English? Irish? Bi-Racial? Or does that mean if your bi-racial your half racist? Hey is the Republican Party Racist? and Democratic is only racist sometimes? Sorry I’m so old and don’t understand modern english too good.

      • john jacob jingleheimer schmidt

        Oh god I’m so sorry now I must be a sexist because me John you Jessica.I did it again I must have assumed genders.

      • El Ma

        JESSICA STEWART………..”not to be rude” translates into: “my intent is to be rude.” That you are so comfortable typing (or, likely texting) to a news forum that someone should “…shove that up (their) racist ass…” simply makes your comment, and your stance, irrelevant.

        Being aggressive, crass, and profane only provides educated, civil, and articulate men and women evidence to ignore you. Permanently.

    • Difference between Veteran and saint

      Folks, the sooner we start realizing that not all Veterans are saints, the better off we’ll be. Just because someone has served doesn’t automatically excuse them from wrongdoing. Some military folk (minority in my experience) are maladjusted borderline psychopaths that should probably be in jail or an asylum. And I come from a gold star family that has served in WW2, Korea, and Vietnam. That said, I hold most Veterans at high regard, but not all are knights worthy of our honor.

  • Lashawn. Any takers?

    I’m sure they’ll find that the shooting was justified. Had nothing to do with drugs, gangs, or disrespect. I’m sure Lashawn was a good boy that just got into the wrong crowd.

    • Blomkamp

      Yes, meanwhile your little white children are looking up to this type of behavior. Have fun with that 😇

      Boonk gang whole lotta gang shit

      • Nice try, but - no .

        My grown children are all productive members of society that have enough impulse control not to shoot ‘a friend’ (with a gun that has an obliterated serial number) over a disagreement. My children do not look up to this type of behavior. They feel pity for these people. Nice try, but – no – we are not hood-rat wiggers.

    • Jared Charles

      Yes sir. You and your cops started distributing dope out here and nothings been the same… scary isn’t it 😆

      • Jared Charles

        Yes it could have been worse… coulda been them scary guys in white hoods.. you know the gang that brand themselves the kkk… yup your fellow people. Coward

      • Jared Charles

        Robert’s clearly a certified pu$$y 😁

        Great to see these trump supporters talk shit… guarantee they wouldn’t go overseas to fight… that’s that good old white power 😉😊

      • Robert

        LOL, really? My great grandfather was in France for WW1, grandfather helped take Guam and Iwo Jima, my father 4 years in Vietnam, myself Panama, Grenada and desert storm, my son 2x in Iraq once in Afghanistan. Melt away snowflake! Your going to call bull, but its you afraid to stand for something and do things for yourself. Go play Pokémon on your Obama phone snowflake. Maybe you can find some more free stuff that I paid for your.

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