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Shelter Director Announces Resignation

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SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP -- The director of the Griffin Pond Animal Shelter in Lackawanna County has announced his resignation after being suspended from the organization earlier this week.

Ed Florentino released a statement saying he decided to step down following harassment and threats of harm to his family.

Griffin Pond board members decided to suspend Florentino with pay while they investigate accusations made against him on social media.

Many of the allegations claim that dogs were euthanized without reason at the shelter near Clarks Summit.

Florentino cited the social media comments as part of the reason for his resignation.

"In light of the most recent social media blitz placed on humane euthanasia at Griffin Pond Animal Shelter the public has harassed and threatened physical harm to my family. No employment is worth all that. People that matter, know the management style I practiced and how hard I pursued finding homes for as many pets as we could under extreme circumstances day in and day out, especially during the capital project. I want to thank the entire staff for their endless hard work including the long-standing board members that volunteer their time. Effective immediately, I am resigning my position at Griffin Pond Animal Shelter. I wish nothing but the best for the Shelter and its future. I also hope the community/training room will assist toward many successful adoptions for which it was intended." - Ed Florentino


  • Dog Owner Advocate

    I believe the state should do a financial audit as well as a criminal behavior investigation now due to the stricter animal cruelty law.

  • El Ma

    For someone who was a Director of an animal shelter, this fellow sure knows how to dress. Lookin’ sharp, there.

    I’ve volunteered at humane societies, and I choose not to, anymore. I witnessed shelter employees (people on the payroll) trying to coerce visitors into adopting various pets with that age-old and outright LIE, “It’s scheduled for euthanasia, tomorrow.” I cannot COUNT the number of poor people who bought into that dreadful ploy and took home a pet simply because they felt sorry for it.

    I also witnessed a LOT of mismanagement. Receipts that were doctored were not uncommon. The people who WERE dedicated to helping pets find safe and loving homes faced ridicule if they didn’t join in on the “tactics.” Some paid employees were just as abusive as the people from whom some of those animals were rescued. Some of the volunteers and paid employees suffered from serious behavioral disorders that manifested in their interactions with the public.

    And, for those of you who have never volunteered at a shelter and whine about “no-kill” policies and the sanctity of animals, go sign up and put your efforts where your mouth goes. Watch, see, and learn how things REALLY operate in these places. See how animals get ruined by abuse and neglect and cannot (should not) be adopted by ANYONE. See how much money it costs to feed 10 dogs, daily. See how much time it takes to clean out and disinfect pens, twice daily. See how much money is actually used for the care of the animals.

      • El Ma

        ELIZABETHHD……….oh, my………..aren’t you the Hall Monitor. I wasn’t referring to whomever turned him in, you slapped ass. I was referring solely to having witnessed what can go on in any “humane shelter” setting.

        Now, put your sm@rt phone down, pay for your beer, and head off to your shift at the gentlemen’s club.

  • Mara

    We found a dog barking at our front door… (We’ve 3 dogs, so it must have been attracted to our house.) We took the dog there and they said they would be euthanizing the dog the NEXT DAY and that we should take it home. Luckily, we found the owner after we refused to release the dog it to them.

  • Lisa Reeke

    Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Threatening this man and his family is deplorable! These are good people who have helped thousands of animals and people!

  • Donamick

    there’s a perfect solution to this problem you just have to check Florida they have a perfect no kill policy every single animal either finds a home or lives till the end of its days with no threat of humane euthanasia

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