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Eco-friendly Clothing At The Fair

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CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP -- A woman in the Poconos makes a living off turning scraps of food into clothing for people to wear.

The handmade boots and shoes look like something you'd see at a department store. But they're all made from recycled materials.

"They take these things that are unusable, pretty much, and make beautiful things out of them," said Robin Teets.

Maria Loyd is the artist and designer of the eco-friendly line called Mabacol. She started making shoes, purses, bracelets and more out of recycled materials when she was 7 years old.

When she's not set up at the West End Fair in Gilbert, she's at her shop in Jim Thorpe.

"People come in my shop or at my shows and they are surprised at how I recycle and use all these things that normally they say they would just throw in the garbage," said Loyd.

Loyd said you can make something beautiful out of things you would normally throw away. For instance, some bracelets are made out of fruit seeds and coffee beans and soles of shoes are made from rice.

"Things can be recycled. Orange peels, the next time when you're in your house, just dry the peel in your house and try to make forms. You'll get something and you'll see that."

Jane Keiper from Stroudsburg says she can't believe all the beauty that can come from a simple pile of scraps.

"I was just looking at the coffee because that is how I buy my coffee. I mean this, cantaloupe seeds, cantaloupe. It's just absolutely priceless," Keiper said.

These eco-friendly designs will be on display at the West End fair until Saturday.

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