Boy Scout Master Charged with Sex Crimes in Monroe County

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POLK TOWNSHIP -- A Boy Scout leader is charged with sexually abusing three boy scouts at a camp in Monroe County.

According to the Lehigh County district attorney, Stephen Piller, 50, of Catasauqua, is accused of molesting the boys for several years at his home in Lehigh County and at Camp Trexler near Effort.

Investigators say the boys were between the ages of 12 and 14 when the abuse started in Monroe and Lehigh Counties.


  • Sasquatch

    Chapter 28 of the boy scout handbook………. How to cut rope and protect yourself from bears and perverts with your official boy scout knife……..

  • Chuck

    How much can they endure. A couple weeks ago that Trump fellow psychologically scarred them with a speech out of Hitlers playbook. Now we have this. Leave the kids alone.

  • Lance

    Well we all knew that another sex pervert was waiting to make their debut. It was a quiet few days but thanks to the NEPA we have another entry on the most disgusting person on the planet

  • buzzed driver

    So they need to sue the boy scouts for allowing gays , gay scout masters . Maybe the sickos should be removed from where the boys are ? Or was that our great ACLU in action ?

  • 🤔

    Well, the need to start doing background checks on people and not allow these gay men to be able to be in the boy scouts. They just recently allowed gay men in the scouts. It all needs to stop. These poor children are being destroyed because of it. I’m sick of all of the ” political correctness”. The heck with that. I personally am more concerned about doing the right thing in the eyes of God. He’s the only one that really matters. We all will be judged on every single thing we’ve ever said or done in our lives and I’d rather be judged for doing the right thing in his sight and not the ” politically correct” thing. That’s for darn sure.

    • Pocono Pete

      State police background check, PA Child abuse Clearences, and if not a state resident for the past 10 years, FBI fingerprint Clearences required for any volunteer position that deals with children. Also, several BSA requirements, no adults in boy tents ever. Two deep leadership, and requiring parents to have the “good touch, bad touch” talk every year. For this to go on for years, means many many other people weren’t paying close enough attention. :( so sad.

    • Jessica Everett

      It’s a proven fact that pedophiles are not gay men, they are straight men. If you do not believe me search it out on the ‘net for yourself.

    • Kthanksbye

      There is something wrong with you. Being gay and being a pedophile ARE NOT THE SAME THING. Keep your ridiculous unfounded comments to yourself. I would be embarrassed if my family acted like this.

  • Boogie

    There seems to be lots and lots of boy horny sex assaulters in NEPA. I hope those people I see roaming in Frackville just stick to their own mm desires and aren’t assaulting youngsters.

  • Anywhere but There

    Hang’em High. Time for some serious, quick action for the other morons to witness what happens. The time our judicial system takes let’s the attention deficit morons move on to the next victim.

  • All's well!

    Ahhh, there we go, this is the pedo Pennsylvania we’ve come to know all so well. I was getting a little concerned this past 24 hours without a pedo story. We can all be at ease now, the Earth is not coming to an end.

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