Renovations To Begin For Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center In Wilkes-Barre

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WILKES-BARRE -- The former Pepsi company building on Hill Street will be transformed into a rehab center for addicts in Wilkes-Barre.

Just days after the sale went through, repairs are already being made to doors and the rest of the building.

With the growing opioid problem in Wilkes-Barre, the Casey family wanted to help people get back on their feet.

“Giving these people who really through no fault of their own have fallen into this disease this illness and give them this second third or fourth chance of finding themselves,” said James Casey.

James Casey and his sons have made it their mission to help those in need.

At the center on Hill Street, the family plan to add 50 beds so addicts won’t have to stay on the street when they are being treated.

“Our population is homeless, is indigent. We need all the help that is available so that we can get our lives together,” said Casey.

Once renovated, the Casey family is hoping that five stories will be enough to help those suffering from addiction.

“I would like to initiate a drug and alcohol detoxification which means if you have drugs and alcohol in your system and you are ODing and you need help, you can get help,” said Casey.

Larry Gwynn has lived near the former soda building for decades.

He has seen people nearly die from addiction and hopes this treatment center can stop this trend.

“It’s actually good to have one around here because this is a low-income area and most people… I was in trouble once but it would be nice to have one closer to your home,” said Gwynn.


  • Bob Vukovich

    Jim Casey is nothing more than a snake oil salesman con artist only in the rehab business for money and money only. Just check out his bed bug infested Casey halfway house on S Main street That tells you everything you need to know about this hustler


    That’s a rough looking building. You sure that picture isnt from down in Mahanoy city where the grass isnt green and the girls arent pretty.

    • Bob Smith

      If you feel that girls there isn’t too pretty. Take them to Macy’s and pay them new dresses and beauty kits too. America the beeeeautiful!


    “Giving these people who really through no fault of their own . . . ” so I take it all of these addicts and alcoholics were forced into this? Rehabs are a good thing, yes, but it’s still up to the addict/alcoholic if they are going to WANT help. Can’t make them better until they make that decision themselves

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