Troopers: Speeding Driver Caused Big Wreck in Luzerne County

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BLACK CREEK TOWNSHIP -- A speeding driver caused a big rig wreck in Luzerne County.

Troopers say the driver was going too fast when they lost control of the tractor trailer on Interstate 80 near Conyngham.

The big truck rolled onto the guide rail just before 11 p.m. on Monday.

Both west lanes were closed for about 45 minutes while crews cleaned up.

State police haven't said if the driver will get a ticket after that crash in Luzerne County.


  • El Ma

    Rarely are speeding tickets issued in my county, and some of the offenders zip right by the State barracks while they’re passing traffic on a double-yellow-line.

    Yesterday, I was passed by a motorcyclist on 220 out of Sullivan County going south, and this fellow had to have been going 85, at the least. He passed in a “no passing” zone (as per blind curves, etc.), and nearly had a head-on collision with a dump truck going north.

    ALL people operating motor vehicles need to understand that they are operating a piece of machinery that can result in lethal consequences if they are being reckless. And, of all the States that I’ve lived in and traveled through, Pennsylvania has some of the most reckless drivers I’ve seen. Not so much “rude” like NJ or NY, but thoughtless and reckless – taking chances that, by God’s Grace, they survive THIS time.

  • Mulligan

    “State police haven’t said if the driver will get a ticket after that crash in Luzerne County.”
    Well, they just accused him of speeding and causing an accident that shut down I80. Doncha think a ticket is inevitable?

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