Sprucing Up Garfield Square in Pottsville.

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POTTSVILLE -- The city of Pottsville is sprucing up one of the city's well-known intersections.

People who drive through Garfield Square in downtown Pottsville may have noticed changes this week.

The city is working on a streetscape project in that area.

It started with tree removal. City leaders say the overgrown trees damaged the sidewalks.

"I hate to see the trees go but I realize they're past their prime. It's nice if they put new ones up, but if they don't, it's nice open," said Pottsville resident Betty Kane.

Those trees and the sidewalks will be replaced. The city will also be installing new curbs, lighting, and adding handicap accessibility.

The project is a part of a city economic development initiative to bring in more business and tourism to the area.

The project is only supposed to last a couple of months. Newswatch 16 spoke to people who say their main concern is how it's going to affect traffic.

"Yeah, I've seen there has been a problem, traffic jams. It will be congested for sure," said David Fegley.

There are people who say the traffic will be worth it if it means this key area in the city will be revamped. It holds statues that honor veterans in the community.

"It's just a nice way to keep the town going and showing what happened and why they pay homage to this area," Drake Bachert said.

The project is expected to be completed by Halloween if there are no delays.

It will cost about $368,000.


  • Sadsadplace

    Any business execs, sports coaches, government officials…anyone that has to deal with the supposed “leaders” or “smart people” from that area either laugh at how dumb they are, shake their head at how ignorant or delusional they are, or they are actually sad at how sorry those people are. I used to think it was funny but it is really sad. It’s like a different version of a third world country there…intellectually. Wow.

  • Shmoozers

    Kudos to the most successful and highest paid in sckookville: the drug dealers and SEDCO! They know how to take advantage of that depressed area they say. People there keep buying it though? Guess they don’t get it

  • Nora Virus

    People are saying they’re going to put up a Benedict Arnold statue. Good man, should spruce the place up.

  • Kudos

    Kudos indeed Pottsville! Everyone from Hershey and Allentown are flocking to Frackville for high paying jobs!

  • Rjelq

    There trying. But ….nice wannabe city of 14 k. How bout the terrible roads here!!! Peacock street wasn’t paved since 1967. Its like going off road over there. Wonder if I can buy a boarded up home on a steep hill.

  • BM Eagle

    I find it surprising that none of the losers who couldn’t find work in the Skook have yet to comment on this. You know the type. – either barely graduating high school or going to college in pursuit of dead-end, brainless liberal arts degrees. They whine that they can’t get a job while all of the $100,000+ jobs in the community are filled by people from Allentown and Hershey. Their vile hatred of our area is curious given their commenting on virtually every WNEP article about it.
    Anyway, kudos to Pottsville.

    • Rjelq

      I wouldn’t take a million a year to live there. With a Liberal arts or engineering degree what’s your point.???

      • BM Eagle

        That you’re loser that barely graduated from high school and now spend most of your time commenting on a news station’s website of an area you claim to despise.

      • RJELQ

        So I am a Loser because I left poor Schuylkill County? I beg to differ. I could comment on Fox news, Cnn, Wnep, WKRP in Cincinnati and Cnn Money if I like. If you are so educated and wealthy as you say, Did you ever read Article 19?

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