Prison Term for Gunfire Incident at Burger King, Motel

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STROUDSBURG -- A woman was sentenced to state prison for firing a gun in a fast food drive-thru while drunk.

Mary Lou Check, 55, from Mount Pocono, was sentenced on Tuesday to six to 12 years in state prison for a shooting spree that took place in the Poconos last year.

She pleaded guilty in March to assault and other charges stemming from the incident that happened in June of last year at the Burger King in East Stroudsburg.

In court, she told the judge she didn't remember what happened and she was sorry.

Family and friends came to show support.

"She did a terrible thing but I don't think she deserves that much time. My aunt is a wonderful woman. She saved my life, I'm a free man because of her and that's a credit to her and her husband Allen," said Christopher Comisic, Mary Lou Check's Nephew.

It all started back in June 2016, when Check demanded free food and ended up firing shots into this Burger King in East Stroudsburg and later at these apartments in Mount Pocono.

No one was hurt in either incident.

Check was found to be intoxicated at the time.

Before the judge sentenced Check, he told her it was a miracle that she didn't kill or injure anyone when she fired shots into the Burger King in East Stroudsburg and also the apartments in Mount Pocono. Family members hope now Check can get the help that she needs.

"You heard what her background is. She was a product of a dysfunctional family, she herself was abused and as a result of that began to abuse substances and that entire history is what occurred in June of last year and why we are here," said Jim Swetz, defense attorney.

Monroe County Assistant District Attorney Kimberly Metzger tells Newswatch 16 she is disappointed by the outcome and hopes that Check will be rehabilitated without doing any further harm to anyone else.

"The Commonwealth is disappointed by the outcome at sentencing for Ms. Check. Ultimately sentencing is within the Court's discretion, but the Commonwealth maintains the offenses Ms. Check has been convicted of are worthy of a more severe punishment that reflects the magnitude of the terror Ms. Check inflicted on no fewer than a dozen individuals. It is our hope that Ms. Check will be rehabilitated in the manner that has been contemplated by the plea and sentencing and without doing further harm to innocent citizens trying to go about their daily lives."


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