Police Chief: Wood Chips Found in Concrete During Barbara Miller Search

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SUNBURY -- Police in Northumberland County are apparently making progress in the investigation into the disappearance of Barbara Miller.

According to the police chief in Sunbury, "the puzzle is coming together."

Barbara Miller disappeared in 1989. Police have been very interested in the basement walls in a home along North Front Street in Milton.

Sunbury Police Chief Tim Miller confirms wood chips have been found throughout the concrete. Miller would not say why the wood chips are important.

There has been considerable speculation that a wood chipper was involved in either Miller's death or the disposal of her body.

Experts are now checking for odors left by decomposing human remains.

Two weeks ago, police recovered material they believe is connected to the case from a pond near Sunbury.

The police chief added it's just a matter of time until we get our answers.


  • hissonsakillertoo

    this is not the only cover up / murder mike egan was involved in. In the late 90’s early 00’s there was an accident in point twp. where a young lady died. Egan’s son was racing the driver of the car the girl died in. He made that thunderbird disappear and then a couple weeks later Trav had another one just like it same color everything. Trav told us the story when he was on E. But we all new the truth for years before that. He just couldn’t take it anymore. I’m sure Egan gave him a whooping for telling us.

  • Keystone cops

    A crooked cop rats out a crooked cop. I love these guys. What a bunch of pussies when the heat falls on them. This is a fine example of Pennsylvania’s finest! Rock on dirty cops…rock on!

  • The tornado scholar

    I think everybody needs to stop bickering about our incompetent, lack luster law enforcement officials and get prepared for our upcoming tornado outbreak this afternoon/evening. Thankyou!

  • 🤔

    That barrel they found in that pond is probably full of wood chips and her body. They have to check and make sure with all kids of testing. That’s why they can’t release anymore information cuz if they’re wrong then they’re in a world of you know what. Be patient, when they have all the info they will let everyone know.

  • Shiny objects

    Ok, so they found wood chips. What about bone chips? Bone outlasts wood. When I drove down that street the other day, the only thing I found was a destroyed house.

    • bluelivesmatter

      Keystone Cops you are a disturbed mental case. The police can not release all of the information with an ongoing investigation, everyone knows that. They are trying to solve a murder to put this woman at rest along w/ giving her family some peace and catch a killer. Grow up and get a damn life.

      • Mulligan

        Why can’t they release more information? Is there another investigation going on that it might conflict with?

      • El Ma

        MULLIGAN……..details of any investigation should never, EVER be disclosed to the public because it can legally taint the eventual prosecution if charges are filed.

        There are some disappearances and murders that will never be resolved, and I do not understand how (or, WHY) the public believe that every case that crosses the desk of every detective is going to pan out like an episode of CSI. It’s ridiculous for anyone to even entertain the idea that every crime will be solved, every perpetrator be brought to justice, and everyone who is found guilty is going to serve a just and righteous sentence.


      right autismo. you have all of the answers except when you’re moving out of your granny’s basement and getting your own place to live

  • Common Sense

    The cops are keeping too many “secrets” about this case. If they REALLY wanted to solve this, there wouldn’t be such a sleazy cloak-n-dagger approach.
    And, by law, they MUST release the evidence to the defense anyway……????
    Shady cops investigating a shady cop……and they wonder why we can’t trust them.
    It’s a “Secret” from the Public…..whom they serve and pays their way..

    • JP

      First off, if no one has been arrested and charged, there is no defence to inform. Second, police will purposely keep info from the public in hopes to trip up possible suspects in order to catch them and then charge them, especially when murder is at stake.

      • What????

        Yes, that process has worked so well for them since 1989 hasn’t it? Maybe if they can keep everything hush hush until 2045 they’ll have this case finally solved.

    • El Ma

      COMMON SENSE – there isn’t any “defense” at this point. There is a mounting collection of evidence, and it takes time, patience, and diligence to actually build a case solid enough that someone can even be CHARGED.

      As I typed, above, many crimes are never resolved. This is just a fact. Investigation isn’t like a television program, and people need to just calm down about any investigation.

      Fact are not shared with the public because that can LEGALLY taint evidence if a case ever does go to trial. There are actually rules and protocols that must be followed to the Nth degree, or a bona fide and obviously guilty suspect will walk, free and clear.

      How is it that people who are 100% ignorant of legal proceedings are the first ones to bitterly criticize?

    • Easy Biscuit

      Dude. Put down the pipe and back away from your device. Friendly men in clean white jackets are going to arrive to have a little chat with you very shortly.

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