Eclipse the Calf Born During Eclipse

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CRAWFORD TOWNSHIP -- One family from Clinton County won't forget the solar eclipse anytime soon. One of their farm animals gave birth during it.

It is birthing season at Rob and Judy Mundrick's family farm near Jersey Shore. Twins were born last week and another calf is expected soon.

But one little girl came into the world at a very special time. While the Mundrick's watched the solar eclipse, something was happening inside the barn.

"A baby was being born," Judy Mundrick said.

Judy Mundrick knew Peaches would have her baby this week, but only minutes after the peak of the eclipse?

"I heard her carrying on and some commotion out here. I came out and the baby came," Mundrick said.

She was born during the eclipse, right before 3 p.m. So, of course, the Mundricks picked an appropriate name.

"When she came out I thought oh my gosh look at the markings on her! I'm going to name her Eclipse," Mundrick said.

Not only is her name fitting because she was born on Eclipse Day, markings around her eyes resemble an eclipse.

"They're just solid white around them and then you have the pupil in the middle so it kind of looks just like the eclipse. So I thought, 'yep, that's her name,'" Mundrick said.

Judy's dad Russell Fisher didn't believe it until he saw Eclipse.

"Well, I don't know how to explain it. You don't have that too often," Russell Fisher said.

Both Eclipse and mom Peaches are healthy and happy.

"The calf seems very laid back, good temperament," Mundrick said.

Judy says Eclipse will grow up on the family farm and hopefully have babies herself one day.


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