Building Stronger Communities

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It might not seem like much, but just a dime a week or a bit more from your paycheck could really add up to big bucks for your community!

This all ties into United Way's Annual Campaign that's heating up around our area.

Newswatch 16's Ryan Leckey spotlighted the program Tuesday from Gentex. It's one of the dozens of businesses in our area that take part in this campaign aimed at building stronger communities.

According to its website, Gentex Corporation in Simpson is a "leading provider of innovative solutions that enhance personal protection and situational awareness for global defense forces, emergency responders, and industrial personnel operating in high-performance environments."

The organization has been supporting United Way's Annual Campaign for more than 90 years.

Workers with United Way say although each nonprofit in our area "is different and autonomous, they share the same goal of fighting for our local communities.

For example, the United Way in Lackawanna and Wayne counties "fights for the education, financial stability and health of everyone."

You can see their mission in action by reading United Way's annual report at this link!

To support or get your business involved in United Way's Annual Campaign, you can contact 570-343-1267 to be pointed in the right direction or click here and use the top left search box to find your closest United Way.

United Way's other goals including helping children improve "their academic achievement, prepare for school success and develop new skills and knowledge. Funds also help area families learn how to better manage expenses, secure employment, improve savings and be financially stable. Funds also help local people improve their lives with access to physical and behavioral healthcare and increased activity levels."


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