Aerial Acrobats Fly High at New Studio

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PLYMOUTH -- Imagine how it feels to fly through the air like a circus acrobat. Now, you can learn how a new gym in Plymouth.

Acrobats are doing some twists, twirls, and unbelievable swirls at the new Riot Circus Arts studio on West Main Street.

“Most people when they see it or find some sort of interest in it. They think, 'that's something I could never do,'" owner and trainer Kayla Dyches said. "It's very empowering when they get in here and I can get them off the ground their very first day.”

Kayla gives all of her students a shot to learn how to fly high. Some come for a good work out and others plan to make a career out of these fabulous flips as an aerial acrobat.

“Everything is just like, go at your own pace, do what you can but we're here to learn something new, try something new. You have to do it,” student Alyx Koehler said.

As a trainer, Kayla knows from first-hand experience how it feels to pull yourself up from a low place.

When she first wanted to try aerial acrobatics, she was anorexic. She was told she was too thin and didn’t have the strength to do it.

That was a wake-up call for her. She decided to seek help and get healthy.

“I never experienced something that made me feel so strong and confident as a person and I feel like a lot of people have confidence and insecurity issues and this was exactly what I needed to completely overhaul my life,” Kayla said.

At the end of the day, Kayla just wants her students to leave feeling more empowered than when they walked in.

She says in her studio, students make what looks impossible, possible.

“If you're willing to put the time and the work into it, you can do anything in here. You just have to put your 100% in,” Kayla said.

If you’re interested in trying an aerial acrobatics class for yourself, click here.

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