Scranton Crime Spree Caught on Camera

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SCRANTON -- Scranton police are searching for the people responsible for a crime spree at Russo and DeMaio Blacktopping on Diamond Avenue.

UPDATE TUESDAY: Scranton police have taken three juveniles into custody in connection with the thefts and break-ins.

Surveillance video shows the trio breaking into the business Sunday night and stealing vehicles and tools through Monday morning.

The business owners say the video shows the crooks hanging around for more than six hours.

"They got here at 9 o'clock at night. I think they were done around 3:30, 4 o'clock in the morning going through each truck. They were in here with flashlights we have on video, and they went through every truck,” said Tony Russo of Russo and DeMaio Incorporated.

In all, Russo says the crooks stole four pickups. A few hours after taking one truck, Russo says they brought it back to the business. They stole a dump truck, too.

"Found the key, started it up and drove it out this way. As one guy ran up, opened the gate, the second guy drove the truck right through the gate,” said Russo.

That dump truck was found just about half a block away.

"They couldn't drive it. They didn't know how to go through the 15 speeds in it."

Another stolen company pickup was spotted by Keith Russo who was driving on Main Avenue in Scranton just hours after the theft.

"I'm driving down and I see one of our trucks. I hop in the truck. I follow him. Call the cops. Finally, I see they catch up to him, draw the guns, pull the kid out, that's it. Young kid, too, but terrible,” said Keith Russo of Russo and DeMaio Incorporated.

Scranton police confirm they arrested a 16 year old. He's charged in connection with the crimes.

Police also located another pickup abandoned in a wooded area off Philo Street in Scranton.

People who live near the business on Diamond Avenue can't believe what's happened.

"I like right here and I can't believe that I didn't hear anything. I didn't see anything. It's crazy. It's crazy,” said one neighbor.

The Russos say they'll be stepping up security and keeping those surveillance cameras rolling.

"I have no idea what their plan was, what they were doing. They had $3,000 plates we use for tamping asphalt. They dumped one over here behind the building and another one, the police called us and said they found it on Cabrini and Lackawanna sitting out in the middle of the road,” said Tony Russo.



  • El Ma

    A 16-year-old was involved in this? WHERE WERE HIS PARENTS???? How is it that a child is raised to believe that this type of grand larceny is acceptable?!

    The thieves and their parents should all have their feet held to the fire for this crime. What crime follows this one if a 16-year-old feels that comfortable committing grand larceny?

    • E

      Ha ha! At this moment I am thrilled to give you people a taste of your own medicine. Ha ha! El ma just calm down, just calm down. Why don’t you lighten up? They’re only 16 years old. Ha ha ha! Does that remind you people of yourselves while making excuses for your poor white trash children when they started a fight or acted like coal miner trash. Ha ha ha! Calm down, lighten up, they’re only 16 years old. Ha ha ha ha! It’s unfortunate you people are way too stupid to grasp the concept of poetic justice. Karma karma karma is a bitch isn’t it aggressive coal miner trash. Ha ha ha ha!

      • E

        Ha ha! El ma Is that the best you can come up with coal miner retard? Ha ha! Why don’t you address my comments directly? Are you too stupid to compose and deliver an intelligent response? You people and your pathetic responses are so predictable. You have nothing to say to defend yourselves but stupid bullsh*t. It’s no wonder your ancestors were viewed as worthless trash and dumped in a coal mine to suffer and die. Ha ha ha! What else do you have moron?

      • E

        @ james crow I’m not black, I’m white you colossal fuc*ing idiot . Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Duhh at least it’s better than picking cotton for free duhhh ha ha ha! Is that all you’ve got coal miner trash ha ha ha! How many people in your trailer park did you consult before coming up with your stupid response? Ha ha ha! Did you even graduate high school? Ha ha ha!

  • Bob Smith

    Ugh! It happened in Houston where, I used to lived there. Stolen tires off new trucks, and tailgates too. Be sure don’t leave anything in vehicle overnight too. If traveling to stay at motels/hotels overnight. To add The Club .. You know a device that lock up your steering to prevent driving it off.

      • Bob Smith

        Several vehicles from Texas have been stolen and brought over to Mexico border every year. It happened to my friend. In early 90’s his brand new Chevy Suburban was stolen and he got called by police that his car was found in Mexico chop shop! His insurance replaced it anyway.

      • Bob Smith

        Hmmmm….. Is your vehicle a hickey hokey? No steer. No wonder. Well, The Club, I purchased in 90’s…… You probably saw on TV commercial. It’s made in steel. Very strong. I always keep it under the seat. If I’m in unfamiliar neighborhood while visiting or staying. Same at motels/hotels overnight too. Currently, I’m not sure if Auto Zone, Walmart or other places are still selling. If you need a steering. Go to Pick and Pull junkyards to buy it!

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