Scoop the Poop or Pay the Fine

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STROUDSBURG -- Clean up after your pets or face a hefty fine -- that's the message borough officials are sending out to dog owners in Stroudsburg.

Officials say the problem has become more visible downtown and some people agree.

Scattered around downtown there are signs and plastic bag dispensers reminding people to pick up after their pets.

When Valerie Jimenez takes her pup out for a walk along Main Street in Stroudsburg, she brings two things -- her dog and a plastic bag, but over the past few weeks, she's noticed some others aren't doing the same.

"We always carry a bag and we bring her to specific areas. We let her always go on the grass and never in the street. If it happens, we come outside and just take care of it," said Jimenez.

Borough officials tell Newswatch 16 the problem is becoming more visible not only downtown but on residential streets.

Barbara Kishpaugh walks around downtown Stroudsburg every day.

"It's disgusting. It really is," Kishpaugh said. "People will step in it and everything. I stepped in it two days ago and it was all over my shoes. We watched a dog just a couple days ago literally pooped right on the sidewalk. That is disgusting."

Officials tell Newswatch 16 not only is it a common courtesy to pick up after your pet, but here in the borough it's also a law. Those who don't abide by it could face a fine.

"It's a $300 fine, jack it up to a $1,000 fine. Maybe they will learn their lesson then," Kishpaugh suggested.

On Main Street in Stroudsburg, not only are signs posted but there are also free plastic bags for people to take.

Residents think it's silly people need to be reminded to pick up after their pets but are glad to see borough officials addressing the problem.

"I think it's great. A lot of people, you don't want to walk on the sidewalk and step in something. You just have to be careful, you have a dog be responsible for it," said Jimenez.

Borough officials are also encouraging people to send pictures of violators to the police.


  • ***

    part of being a dog owner is cleaning up after them in public. Do what you want on your property but if you cant clean up after your pet, you probably shouldnt have one.

  • El Ma

    I think it’s morbidly fascinating that city officials would actually write and attempt to implement poop-rules when, apparently, they are unable to do anything about abandoned structures, blighted neighborhoods, and rampant criminal activities.

    So, the priority is fecal matter. Go figure.

  • 🤔

    Anyone who has a pet should clean up after it. If you’re not responsible enough to clean up after your pet, then you shouldn’t have one. Especially in public places it should be cleaned. If you don’t clean your yard, that’s your business but have the common courtesy to clean up in public. It’s nasty and no one really wants to step in that…eewwww!!

  • wayne h.

    I live in a nice development in Schuylkill county around good working class people. Everyone walks by my house with their pets on a daily basis and guess what, they crap in my yard! One person let their dog crap and even bent down and pretended to clean it up. If you don’t want your dog crap in your yard, what makes you think I want it in mine?

  • Rjelq

    In northern skook, the smell of dog poo might actually be welcomed. The cat and fox droppings are not very attractive. Along with the smell of coal dust and blighted row homes.

  • Huggy

    I’ve seen Frackville’s director of parks clean up the dog dirt in the park with his bare hands and then he ate one of those free lunches. Really dirty fellow. Cute face

  • Bob Smith

    I’ve seen it everywhere like apartment complex, motels, parks and more. At condo complex grounds sign says it’s a health hazard, it attracts rats too. It happens.

      • Bob Smith

        Okay, In Texas, a old lady who was lunatic…. She died in 2011. She had 5 Chihuahuas. Her backyard was accumulated with dog poop. She thinks rain and landscaping service will dissolve that poop. No! Until, I and others noticed something in her garage. Indian corns was on work bench have been eaten. It’s odd. She thinks it was mice or something. Pests are too smart to enter your open garage. Until one day sticky pads was laying around. Next morning, it caught a big rat. ( alive) I did research on dog poop. It attracts rats and mice since it carries diseases.


    They leave them turds everywhere in Williamsport but most of the time I think they come from the GOOD people of Williamsport! YOU DO KNOW THAT’S WHERE THE GOOD PEOPLE OF PA. LIVE?


    These monsters should do time in prison and not be allowed to have pets because obviously they cannot be trusted and anyone like that would probably be into Beastiality anyway, also should not be around children, HIPPY FERTILIZER, GROSS!

  • Lance

    Well maybe make the owner pick it up without a bag. If you are stupid enough to walk your dog without a bag and you get caught pick it up or the fine is doubled. Fresh poop in ones hands may make one think before leaving the house without a bag

  • Sam I Am

    Ignorant enough to not clean up after your Pet.
    Well if your caught be prepared for not only the $300.00 fine, but also a check for your pets Rabies shot and license.

    • Moose

      I just saw some guy walk out of an shaking something out of his pant leg. He kind of paused while he was doing it but went right on his way like he did it a hundred times. Gross people round there

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