Little League Honors a Hero

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If you've been watching the Little League World Series in South Williamsport, you may have noticed a number on the right field wall at Lamade Stadium. The number 11 will never be worn again at the Little League World Series.

It was retired in memory of Michael Cammarata.

In 1991, he played in the Little League World Series. A decade later, he was the youngest firefighter to die on 9/11.

In a 2002 segment of On The Pennsylvania Road, Mike Stevens met the family of Michael Cammarata.

Michael Cammarata's remains were never found at Ground Zero. In 2003, one year after he was made part of the Little League Hall of Excellence, his family finally had a memorial service in his honor and buried his fire department uniform and his baseball gloves.

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  • El Ma

    What a legacy, and what a brave man Cammarata was. We need to recognize these heroes at every opportunity. For their memory, certainly, but for their principles, ethics, and sense of duty, as well.

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