Fun in the Sun at the West End Fair

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GILBERT -- If you ask people in the West End of Monroe County what they look most forward to each summer, many will tell you the fair.

Tammie White from Saylorsburg brought her family and friends to walk around on this nice August day.

"It's awesome, yeah, it's really nice to get everyone together and get out here. It's fun," said Tammie White, Saylorsburg.

This year, the annual West End Fair turns 91.

Food, animals, crafts and more fill the grounds.

"We have been here for 28 years and we just love it. We just love it here. We love the West End fair. Here it is in our backyard and we haven't been here in a couple years and we just like being here. We really enjoy it," said Gary Schlosshauer, Saylorsburg.

Whether it's to walk around and ride the rides or to work. People who come to the West End Fair say it's a family affair that gets better each year.

And for some, it's a family tradition.

This year, The Marsh Family food stand is celebrating 50 years.

"I am a director and I do the Facebook page for the fair and I just posted what is peoples most important memories for the fair and you'd be surprised, everyone says sharing it with the generations," Tracy Marsh Mackes, Marsh's Food Stand.

"I think it's nice. It's a family affair so it's always good to come out and help," said Dan Marsh, Marsh's Food Stand.

Another tradition some people take part inĀ is the fruit and vegetable competition.

Kerri Peters from Gilbert came to check on her award-winning spaghetti squash.

"It's always awesome. It's validation that everything that you make and grow over the year is actually beautiful and people appreciate it, so it's nice," said Kerri Peters, Gilbert.

The West End Fair runs through Saturday in Gilbert.