Community Lends Helping Hand For Fire Victim

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COVINGTON TOWNSHIP -- As volunteers packed plates full of pasta, others tried their luck at winning one of 60 raffle baskets.

The VFW in Covington Township was filled Sunday with people raising money for Anne Griffiths who lost her home in a fire.

“Oh my God, we live in an amazing community. We are just blessed, me and my family, to be a part of it. They have been with us since day one,” said Anne Griffiths.

Last month's fire destroyed her home near Gouldsboro. No one was hurt, but now the mother of seven needs a place to stay.

“We still live out of a hotel right now, so right now we are trying to find a house,” added Griffiths.

Anne Griffiths' struggle moved Lisa Wright and others in her community to step in.

“Anne does so much for the community, and she lost her home to a fire on July 31st, so we just wanted to do stuff her and family,” said Lisa Wright.

Anne Griffiths manages The Mess Hall restaurant in Covington Township. The restaurant frequently holds fundraisers for homeless veterans in the area.

“Annie goes out of her way to help anybody that's in need, mostly veterans but anybody that needs help, Annie is the first person to help anybody,” said Gary Toth.

The hugs and smiling faces gave Anne hope that things will get better for her family.

“It’s just amazing. People are just amazing. They are great. You can't find much better people than you can in this area,” said Griffiths.


  • 😊

    That’s awesome they are helping her. You don’t hear of the good things people do now a days. It’s all negative. She’s deserves the help with all the help she gives. God bless them all!

    • Love the U.S. Miltary!!!!!

      To I HATE OUR MILITARY! (CIRCA 1968) I happen to know this woman & she is NOT an attention seeker by no means!!! My son is in the Military as well as my entire family (past & present). I don’t think you should talk that way about someone who you don’t even know! Stop by her restaurant & you will see how she DOES help all Military in our community, maybe you will be ashamed of yourself! If it wasn’t for our Military, You would not be making such comments . Hate all you want, you have to live with yourself!

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