Two State Troopers Shot in Western Pennsylvania

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FAIRCHANCE, Pa. — Two Pennsylvania State Troopers were shot and the suspect is dead after a shootout in western Pennsylvania.

According to state police, the troopers were shot just after 8 p.m. Friday in Fairchance Borough, Fayette County. The troopers were meeting with a man believed to be selling a stolen item related to recent burglaries in the area.

Investigators said when the suspect, Clarence Belsar, 26, saw the troopers approaching, he began walking away and ignored commands to stop. When the troopers tried to stop him, Belsar pulled a gun and fired one shot, which hit both troopers. They returned fire and killed Belsar.

One of the troopers was treated and released for a wound to the hand. The other was shot in the abdomen and is listed in serious condition. He is expected to recover.

State police along with the Fayette County District Attorney’s Office are investigating.

Two police officers were shot and killed in Kissimmee, Florida Friday night, and two officers in Jacksonville were also shot and injured Friday.


  • Robert e. lee

    I haven’t read any stories in the last day or two about you snowflake liberals tearing down my statues. Keep your paws off what’s left of them and go after the MLK stuff. He was the racist adulterer, not I! Thankyou.

  • WarningFakeNews

    Honest cops deserve our respect and support, no question. Dishonest cops need to be found out and fired to help PREVENT violence against good cops.

    Look at the official police dash cam footage in the first minute of the SHARK video “Corrupt Cops Caught by Their Own Cruiser Camera” (Which has garnered over 7 million views on You Tube)

    My question is this: When cops are on duty, driving their patrol vehicle, why should they have the ability to turn OFF the camera? In this cases, it was a blessing that they could have only because they thought they did. What you have here is them basically admitting to abusing that man’s rights.

  • Lance

    There won’t be any protests, nor any vigils. Because the BLM morons and ANTIFA cruds don’t care. It doesn’t fit their warped agenda. Other police officers were gunned down in Florida. Where are the outraged statements coming from congress? That only comes from media sensationalism and alt-left protests against the President. Disgust for the way police are ignored during a tragedy but a single victim killed at a protest gets days of vigil,media coverag e and expressed outrage against Trump

  • CeeMe

    This war on cops is disgusting and a direct outcome of the Obama administration. My thoughts and prayers are with these two officers and their families. I’m glad the thief was killed.

  • Fred

    I have a great idea to stop all of this violence. Dont steal! Dont sell drugs! Dont shoot at the cops! Get a job! Oh im sorry i forgot this is a ” progressive site” collect your goverment benefits and watch CNN.

  • WarningFakeNews

    For your personal protection, have at least 2 cameras, one well hidden and live stream upload them to you tube or qik. Then when a cop begins to ask a lot of questions, do what any good lawyer would tell you to do- politely let them know you don’t answer questions, as is your right. When they use the line, “you’re not helping me out here”, think to yourself, “that’s right, it isn’t my job to help you find evidence which may be used against me.”

    • El Ma

      WARNINGFAKENEWS, are there corrupt and ill-advised law enforcement officers? You bet, there are. I had to deal with one, myself, that ended up being investigated by Internal Affairs on a completely different matter. But, I also have to say that there is nothing routine about what police officers do, each day. Some of them are genuinely interested in serving and protecting. Others, of course, feel the power and control and do abuse it.

      There has to be a balance of understanding, here. If I’ve done nothing wrong, then I have no need to be a smartass to any cop. “Yes, sir/ma’am,” and “No, sir/ma’am,” are appropriate responses because these people are required to protect ME if someone takes a potshot at my home or vehicle. Be cautious, absolutely, but no need to be surly, aggressive, or unpleasant, either.

    • CeeMe

      Well, Einstein, as we can see in this case and many others, criminals tend to fire first (or otherwise cause trouble) and ask questions later. God Bless our Police.

  • Tim

    Were they in plain clothes? Did they identify themselves as officers? Did they show verification of that claim with their badges? Or did these two goons roll up on some guy they thought was a burglar, act aggressive, then chase a man, put him in fear for his life, force him to defend himself, and then execute him? I guess we will never know, as the murderers are the only ones left alive.

    • don't be fooled

      Well Tim, if you spent half as much time doing just a little research instead of conjuring up conspiracy theories bashing the police, you would know that this was a sting operation and the police were in plain clothes. When they approached the suspect they identified themselves as troopers and the suspect fled on foot. After repeated calls to stop and also pursuing the suspect on foot, said suspect drew his weapon and fired at the troopers. Let me guess, you don’t believe this account either? Did you know that Clarence is a registered sex offender too? A series of bad decisions put him in grave.

  • Fredric

    Confusing as bleep. Did the troopers identify themselves as such?

    Bill Michlowski, what do the shootings in Florida State got to do with Fairchance, PA ??? 🙃🙄

  • think positive

    It used to be uncommon to hear of a police officer getting shot. Now, it’s becoming more common every day. This is a sign of the times, that many people have no respect for anything, including the law. It’s no wonder there is more police brutality. I’m not saying that police brutality is a good thing, but their lives are becoming more threatened daily. Next step will be martial law, and then these punks won’t get away with anything.
    I’m glad the officers will be okay, and that one more useless and dangerous criminal is off the streets.

    • Teaching is fundamental

      THINK POSITIVE, there was once a time when there was respect for all public servants, including teachers, firefighters, law enforcement, etc. I wouldn’t want a position in the public sector for any amount of money.

      Speedy recovery for the trooper still in recovery.

      • WarningFakeNews

        I don’t know the facts in this case, none of us do. Research PINAC on you tube and see who’s behaving themselves as public servants and who might be culpable for bringing wrath upon themselves. It’s a dangerous job the officers have, especially in an armed society- but while it may have been possible to abuse their authority before, in the age of video cameras everywhere- they’ll get found out. Having bad cops get fired is so much better than seeing good cops get killed.

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