Pocono Home Vandalized with Racist Graffiti for Second Time

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TOBYHANNA TOWNSHIP -- Racist graffiti was written all over a Jewish family's home in Monroe County for a second time.

Swastikas and other racist messages have the homeowners and neighbors on edge.

The Zurubin family has lived in the Poconos for more than a decade and never expected anything like this to happen to their home.

"You have swastikas with smiley faces and lol right next to it. It's an interesting message people are trying to send," said Eduard Zarubin.

Zarubin and his family were greeted with an unwelcoming message at their home at Locust Lake Village. Swastikas were painted on the doors and windows and racist messages had been written on the table on their patio.

The Jewish immigrants moved from Russia to New York in the late '90s. The family bought their home in the Poconos in 2005 to have a place to get away from the city.

"Having swastikas drawn on our walls does hit close to home. My grandmother lost brothers during World War II. It's upsetting," Zarubin said.

This isn't the first time their home has been vandalized. As recently as May, men are seen on video damaged parts of the house and the family's truck. Pocono Mountain Regional Police are still working to identify who those men are.

"It is a quiet little village. There's really no neighbors around. If something else happens, it is very unlikely that somebody is going to hear you or be able to do something about it," Zarubin explained.

Neighbors who have lived here for years tell Newswatch 16 the hate filled messages are shocking.

"I have children here besides myself, and people committing these kind of hate crimes not thinking of families and everything else, so it is terrifying," said neighbor Alex Pinkok.

Zarubin plans to paint over the racist messages and put up cameras.

"Thank God nobody got hurt and nobody was physically affected by it. Property is property. That will get repaired. I just hope the authorities will be able to do something about it so future incidents won't happen," Zarubin said.

Pocono Mountain Regional Police are still investigating the first incident. Security at Locust Lake Village suggests that homeowners stay vigilant.


  • Alicia coombe

    It’s a group of young teens the person who actually vandalized the home by drawing on it with lipstick your looking for a young white female age 12-16 but it was a group of teen I bet all egging her on using my profiling skills.

  • JessicaInWilliamsport

    After Charlottesville you can say that with a straight face? There were plenty of older fellas with guns and tiki torches and red hats and duck dynasty beards. Hate has been lurking, with the election of 45 those haters are more emboldened than ever.

  • lookback

    It’s what happens when you have minorities that feel useless and no longer a part of America, the minority 33% that still cling to trump then lash out with hatred against their fellow citizens because of their own impotency. These people have no power other than their ripped off nazi symbols, their big mouths and their never ending sense of being a victim and insecurity about their lack of self worth. Fear not, those that painted the symbols are right now at home in the fetal position crying about their poor useless lives and waiting for the day their dear daddy trump will make it all better, guess what, ain’t gonna happen, suckers never learn and trump’s counting on it, pity the poor fools. To the homeowners that had this done to them, fear not, for if and when trump and his anti-American thugs ever come for you, you will not be alone this time, some learn from history and like the 50,000 strong Americans marching in Boston against the minority 100 pro trump nazis we will crush them like the parasites they are and finally expel their anti-God disease from the face of the earth.

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      You ever think it was just stupid kids? That’s typically who do this, not 40 yr old balding trump voters, like myself.

    • magicmikexxsm

      LOOKBACK you fool right away it’s Trump people in your small and insignificant mind…did you ever think it may be Democrats, you know like the ones who attacked GOP campaign offices and tried to blame Republicans, only to get caught…or like the schmuc said, probably just kids, or future Antifa members…..

    • El Ma

      LOOKBACK, are you high, half-witted, or in withdrawal? Your post makes about as much sense as a soup sandwich, and the perpetrators are probably STUPID KIDS with a STUPID PARENT(S). This has nothing to do with Trump, “never ending sense of being a victim,” or any of the other atrocious things that you’ve declared in your……..personal manifesto.

      There is help out there, and if your insurance doesn’t cover it, then you can pay on a sliding scale. Do something to save yourself, and do it quickly.

  • Valfreyja

    The swastika is an ancient symbol of the sun, a ward of fertility. It belonged to people long before the Germanic lineage even existed. To a people in dire need of successful crops and heirs, fertility was no laughing matter. It was their everything. Imagine, then, the profound hope that this symbol carried for them as they raised their hearts to the goddess Sunna in hopes of plenty in a hungry world.

    This usage is profanity incarnate. It is a disgrace to our ancestral goddess. It is a disgrace to our ancestors and their blood which is alive in us. It is a disgrace to all Germania. Whoever committed this atrocity is disowned by their people. It is time for us to take back the holy solar rune, to undo the dark magic that it was perverted to serve.

    A curse on those who use it in hatred, who twist it beyond its sacred meaning for the purposes of destruction. May you thirst and never quench, may you hunger and never sate, may the landvaettir claw at you so you never sleep, may your ancestors’ blood boil in your veins, until such a day as you repent and live in whatever country you chose in peace.

    • non sequitur

      Non-sequitur (look it up). Sad that the “rightwing” (to use your words) is more interested in who gets the “blame”, than saying: we don’t tolerate these kinds of acts, let’s go help this man clean up his house and tell our good, peaceful neighbors that we have each other’s backs.

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        We’re interested in who gets the blame, because it’s usually us being blamed and rarely us guilty.

      • El Ma

        NON SEQUITUR, no. Find the perpetrators and have THEM clean off the mess that they made, and make the perpetrators LEGALLY bound to shovel snow from his drive, clean his gutters, trim his hedges, mow his lawn, and weed his flower beds for 6 months, and make the parent(s) pay a couple thousand dollars in restitution. That’s how it was done, old-school, and people need to be put to work in order for things to sink into their spongy noodles. Keep these idle kids busy doing some physical labor instead of allowing them to spend every waking moment online watching or uploading prank videos on FaceTube.

  • turn the other cheek

    Who cares? My Irish ancestors were tormented too. They didn’t sit around and whine about it. They were too busy making a life for themselves. Oh, and by the way, that’s what you get for choosing Monroe county as your summer getaway. (Drops the mic)

    • wwjd

      Sad that your Irish ancestors were subjects of racism. It is even sadder that this experience didn’t leave you at all sensitized to the senselessness of racism and how today it is against “them” but tomorrow the victims could be your family. Reading the article, I don’t hear the man “whining”. He expresses appropriate sadness. He doesn’t have a bad word to say about anybody — just his lament that this happened. He immigrated (apparently legally to be a homeowner etc) to this country and clearly worked hard enough over time to buy a second home, pays taxes and clearly contributes to society. Doesn’t he deserve your support as an American success story? I wish I had more neighbors like him.

      • E

        Ha ha! Grow thicker skin ha ha! Is that what your abusive alcoholic father used to say after beating you and now you don’t know any better? I noticed that Irish is the first group of people you named in your rant. I knew you were Irish Catholic based on your stupid comments. Lol. Decent, educated people don’t have to grow thicker skin because we simply move to a region where Irish Catholic, Polish Catholic, alcoholic, drug addict, deadbeat dad, coal miner trash isn’t welcome. Problem solved ha ha!

  • Winston

    Through other outlets, I’ve found out that this property has been for sale for over a year now. Maybe they should’ve filled bags with rice and KKK fliers then proceeded to litter their neighbors yards that were at work and didn’t have security cameras in an upscale neighborhood? Fishy to those that don’t lack common sense. Assumptions are the paycheck of the “paid for” press.

  • Teaching is fundamental

    I clearly remember when the first Jewish family moved into my neighborhood when I was a kid. I was only 7 at the time, and several neighborhood kids spray-painted swaztikas and anti-Jewish slogans all over the side of their brick home. The boys were eventually found out and their parents made them scrub those bricks until that spray paint was gone.

    I do not understand this, at all. I didn’t then, and I still don’t. (sigh)

  • Pocono Phill

    I strongly suspect this could be the work of an Alt-Left agitator knowning dam well WCNNEP would suck it down hook, line & sinker!

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      No he doesn’t you moron. I voted for trump and I don’t condone or even think it’d a good idea to do something like this. Nor do I feel that he wants me to do something like this. Also, if he DID, I would say, well Mr, President, I don’t think that’s a very good idea.

      I swear, some of you people are plain fn retarded.

      Where do you anti trumpeters come up with this crap?

    • L.J.

      Trump inspired it? Stuff like that has happened for years. Long before he became president. My parents had swastikas written in soap on the windshields of our cars. That was about late 80’s, and we’re neither Jewish nor black. It’s just the character of some people.

    • El Ma

      CONROY, the only people who are currently “inspired” to engage in these kinds of activities are on urban terrorist payrolls – EITHER end of that spectrum.

      Your type of comment is what “inspires” people to feel the need to choose a side, which is the LAST THING that this country needs, now. What we all need to do is to say, “Stop it. We’re not going to give into fear, no matter what wingnut organization you belong to.”

    • Blackrock

      Can’t be the coal minors. They are toooooo busy working in a coal mine going down, down cause they owe their soul to the company store.

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