Woman Sentenced in Shooting Prompted by Pizza

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ADAMS TOWNSHIP — A woman was sentenced in Snyder County on Friday for a shooting that started with a piece of pizza.

Jennifer Boop, 32, shot her then-boyfriend, Brandon Doan after he slapped her in the face with a slice of pizza during an argument.

Boop claimed she was only trying to scare Doan when she accidentally shot him. Doan asked the judge to be lenient on Boop due to the shooting being an accident.

Boop was sentenced to 24 months but was credited for the 186 days she already served in jail.

DA Piecuch said in a statement, “This is obviously a complicated case.¬† We are pleased that Mr. Doan survived and that the Defendant was held accountable for her reckless actions,”

Boop was originally charged with attempted homicide but entered no contest pleas to assault, terroristic threats and possession of an instrument of crime.


  • Dale Griffin

    The real victim here is the piece of pizza…..never waste pizza….best stuff on Earth! Pizza is a lot like sex…even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good

  • Lance

    Yeah that was justified shooting someone over pizza in the face. Was she worried that her life was in danger? Im sure there are countless victims out tjere with being disabled due pepperoni in the eye or smothered with extra cheese. The woman should be locked up.

  • El Ma

    Y’know……….you just can’t make some of this stuff up. Someone with an apparent lack of education smacks another person in the face with a slice of pizza during an argument, and it results in what has been described as an unintentional shooting. That anyone feels comfortable pointing a loaded weapon at another person just to “scare” or intimidate is a clear indication that they’re not firing on all cylinders.

    BOTH of these people deserve each other.

    • El Ma

      …….and, whomever the graphics editor is for this article needs ……… I don’t know what, but an image of a pepperoni pizza in conjunction with an attempted homicide is absolutely inappropriate and speaks to how stupid the public is perceived to be. Worked for Gannett, and this wouldn’t have flown…………….. (face palm)

      • Lance

        Sorry the waste is a delicous pizza being used for nefarious purposes. Besides made me want to grab a slice

    • Barry Grey Esquire

      It is my professional opinion, that the young man and young woman were practicing skeet shooting which is sanctioned by the NRA.

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