Montrose Area Teachers’ Threat

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MONTROSE -- As families in the Montrose area prepare to go back to school, there is a sense of concern about what September will bring.

The teachers union is pledging to have its members actually resign from jobs like yearbook advisor and homework coach if a labor dispute is not resolved.

While the teachers union said there have been no discussions of a strike, there are plenty of rumors in the Montrose area.

8-year-old Lili and 7-year-old Caleb Wells are excited to go back to class in September, but their mom is concerned about tension between their teachers and the Montrose Area School District.

"I have mixed feelings," said Kim Wells. "I feel for the children and for the teachers."

The teachers union tells Newswatch 16 if there is no new contract by the first day of school, members will resign from responsibilities such as timing and scoring athlete events and advising after-school activities. The union posted a statement on its Facebook page.

"A lot of people I know that I have talked to about it are very worried because there are students that specifically go to school because of events that are coming up. I feel like it's going to drop the attendance in school," said former student Aleisha Disinger.

Both sides tell Newswatch 16 the disagreement is over pay and benefits.

One mom says her daughters would be disappointed to lose their favorite after-school activities.

"I hope they work it out very soon," said Christina Olver of Montrose.

Many people told us they don't want to pay higher taxes, but one woman is willing.

"If it goes directly to the teachers, as in extra pay, better insurance, yeah, absolutely," said Liberty Township resident Amy Arthur.

The union says athletic coaches will not be impacted by the decision, but teachers who do things like sell tickets and score games would.


  • Pliska

    Time to switch to a system like OHIO. All school taxes can only be raised by levy. Their outcomes are similar with a lot lower cost as the district is accountable to the people.

  • In a galaxy far far away

    The private sector has long lost the premium benefits the teachers enjoy. They can hold the entire school district ranson to get what they want! Just keep raising the property taxes! They should bring in substitutes to teach when they go on strike. Why are we 19th in math and 21st in science? We have the most expensive education system, yet it is failing miserably! We should form a property tax payer coalition and have a demonstration right next to the striking teachers! Enough is enough disband the teacher union. Then, the union turns around and contributes $millions to politicians who protect them. Time to start protecting the majority of taxpayers!

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      We pay taxes that are used by school districts to fund politicians to keep raising taxes that are used by school districts to fund politicians to keep raising taxes to……

      When you really dig into what’s REALLY happening when we vote and pay taxes, it really is insanity by definition of the word.

    • Union Yes

      Union switched to high deductible plan in their proposal, and they pay a percentage of their healthcare. Know the facts before spouting misinformation.

      • El Ma

        UNION YES, high deductible health plan that the union pays a percentage for? So what? Isn’t that what union dues are meant for? High deductible health plan is to save the union some money while kicking the members in the teeth with outrageous deductibles.

        In my book, union = no. There is too much money being passed back and forth, and there’s no oversight to insure that it’s all above board.

        Dismantle the Federal education system, and let localities set up their own systems. Put the onus of education BACK on the shoulders of the people that should be responsible for it: parents.

      • Caeser194

        I pulled my kids out of Montrose Area years ago.Cyber school gave them a better education.They weren’t held back by the slowest kid in the class,and the teachers striking made no difference.Both are in collage doing great.You can do better than dealing with greedy teachers holding a school ransom.The more parents that put they’re kids in cyber the less power the local schools have.

  • El Ma

    “….there are students that specifically go to school because of events that are coming up…” What on earth does that mean? Between the NEA, unions, and Every Child Left Behind educational system, my view is that all schools should be shut down, all Federal funding should cease, and education should be approached by each district, as it sees fit. At one time, workers’ unions had goals that protected workers. Today, unions are a sham, and the threat of a teachers’ strike shouldn’t even be tolerated. How about a students’ strike? How about students stop attending schools, parent(s)/guardians stop paying school taxes, and let’s just see how it all pans out………

    Of course, the sports programs will continue in the event of a strike, I imagine.

    Clearly, our educational system is failing, miserably, because students aren’t learning anything more than how to prepare for the standardized tests. Just talk to a 15-year-old that ends each sentence with, “b*tch,” and it’s quite apparent that these kids coming up are utterly ignorant.

    And, the education system is a double-edged sword. Teachers are in fetters because they don’t have the respect from parents to control their classrooms OR the license to use creativity in their teaching curriculum – they spend all of their time preparing students for testing instead of preparing them for graduating and higher education. Teachers must also be cautious of anything that could be mildly interpreted as “hate speech” and the students are too busy posting on FaceTube and texting during classes to be bothered with learning. The parent(s) of these students do not support staff or faculty, and the administration are so dumbed-down that they are more interested in using specific buzzword language than actually supervising EDUCATION.

    I wouldn’t be a teacher for all of the tea in China. Nope. NO. And, I’m grateful that my kids have graduated and are living their own lives, at this point. What a dreadful mess the education system is, today.

  • i quit..


    • El Ma

      I QUIT, I don’t even have kids in school and I am required to pay out MORE in school taxes than property taxes. WHY? Shouldn’t the parents of students be the ones paying for their children’s educations? It would be one thing if our education system was helping to create innovative, dedicated, ethical members of society – people who will carry the torch into the future, rather than drop it when their cell phones signal an incoming text.

      • i quit..


    • Step up parents

      A homework coach is a teacher that gets paid a stipend to work with kids after hours on homework because their parents can’t, won’t, or just want to be their buddy and play video games with them. When my kids were in school, I worked two jobs, went to college, and still did their homework with them daily!

      • El Ma

        STEP UP PARENTS……..your’e awesome, and I truly mean that. Taking responsibility for our children’s educations is what parents are supposed to do when they reproduce. Today, it’s left up to a broken, slanted, skewed, and impotent system that clearly is not producing successful citizens. Only drones – worker bees – sheeple. (harumph)

      • Jennifer

        In the past dedicated teachers were also “homework coaches”. Only back then they did it without the title and without the stipend.

  • Irritated taxpayer

    I love it when I see the teachers at this school district drive by in BMW s, Escalades or Mercedes then cry they need more money. The majority make over $70,000.00 per year. What happened when when teaching meant making an honest living and caring for the kids. Now wait for it…. Some teacher is going to say it’s the school board that doesn’t care…we take care of your children and it’s hard etc… If it’s hard then leave. If you don’t make enough money find another job. Seek life elsewhere. You are not special, you are not important and if it wasn’t for the union you would be replaceable. Stop trying to hold the public and their children hostage.

    • El Ma

      IRRITATED TAXPAYER, it’s akin to ransom or extortion. Yes, I realize and applaud that many teachers put in many hours, each day and night, to provide the best learning experiences that they can, but the system is broken. It’s 100% broken and a 70K salary is just too much money to complain about anything, regardless of the hours.

  • Fair Share

    I am a public school teacher who is dedicated to my students, not the union. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania is a fair share state. What this means is, even though I detest the politically motivation NEA and PSEA, if I want to teach in PA, I don’t have to join the union but I do have to pay my “fair share”. This means I MUST pay approximately 65% of the total union dues not to be in the union! I know many teachers who would not be in the union if they weren’t required to pay dues not to be in the union. There are many quality, dedicated teachers in PA who would benefit more from your activism to get a measure on the ballot in PA to put an end to the states “fair share” status.

    • El Ma

      If what you are typing is factual, then it should be illegal and, therefore, unacceptable. If every teacher that was NOT a union member walked out and never returned to that school, it might send a message. But, since there are typically tens of thousands in student loans that will be paid like a mortgage for the rest of most educators’ lives, then it’s a despicable practice and someone, somewhere, needs to sort it out with lawmakers to make this practice illegal.

      • 1 + 1 = 3

        “someone, somewhere, needs to sort it out with lawmakers”. This will never happen. The PSEA (teacher’s union) contributes heavily to the campaigns of state legislators. In return the lawmakers look the other way regarding any meaningful reform that the teachers do not approve of.

      • El Ma

        1+1=3, then the whole system should be disbanded and each district should be responsible (or, not) for setting up their own schools.

        Education should be a basic human right everywhere in the world. We know that this isn’t the case. But, legalized extortion is intolerable in my most humble opinion. I would rather see parents involved in their children’s educations, but the current family paradigm doesn’t really make room for parental involvement. There was a time in this country when a teacher was respected WITHOUT the shadow of some union representative lurking in the background. Today, it is a 180° proposition. And, there’s no other rational solution to this debacle.

  • MASD Parent

    What they’re not telling you is how many teachers quit the union after the last strike. How many actual members does the “MEA” actually now have? If it’s less than 50% of the teachers, they should boot them and negotiate their own contract in good faith. At least they’re drumming up business for the private schools, even though we still pay taxes to these losers.

  • Independent_JOE

    These teacher’s unions and teachers really get to me. A majority of the time they vote for the Democratic party. So they complain about President Trump and his “bossy” and arrogant style. Then they THREATEN a school district and particularly its students they they will not be involved in any student extra curricular activities except direct sports involvement ( OMG! ) if there demands are not met. What a total bunch of HYPOCRITES ans LOSERS!

  • Robert

    Teachers: ” School district low on money? Screw you….pay us!. Taxpayers can’t afford another increase? Screw you….pay us!

    • Houston

      The reason why schools don’t have enough money for school supplies is because the teachers want raises and at ungodly levels too and you know what those teachers all have in common they don’t really teach they hand the student a book and expect them to do it on here own and when they can’t finish it they send it home as homework so the parents can teach them how to do it. And no one will stand up to it. Well I am, what ever happened to the teacher that was all about the student. Who would help even when they weren’t getting paid what they are now. I’d like to know the answer.

      • El Ma

        There’s that, and then there are the sports programs. No school district will EVER simply shut down sports programs to use those funds to improve supplies, materials, and maintenance. Instead, ALL arts are cut to NIL – that’s performing arts, music arts, fine arts………….the entire education system is broken and this is precisely why so many parents are choosing to home school their children. It requires less time, is more in-depth, and far, far more flexible as learning should be.

  • Caeser194

    There’s thousands of teachers looking for full time jobs.MAHS teachers strike replace them.As far as teachers not doing after school activities,the parents can step up,save the tax payers some money,leave the greedy,money hungry teachers out of it.

      • El Ma

        Yeah……..”parenting” is a different sort of thing, these days. It involves trying to be your kid’s best friend and wondering why they’re out of control after spending hours and hours playing GTA when they’re 12. SO glad I do not have school-aged kids, today. I’d home school without a nano-second of hesitation.

  • Philo Beddoe

    Teacher unions are a big joke…lmao..
    They are part of the reason this state is in chaos and taxes are so high. What do they need to be.protected from?

    • El Ma

      PHILO BEDDOE, (love the ID) the whole nation is in an educational decline. Our science, math, engineering, and technology fields are borrowing their geniuses from other countries, ON OUR DIMES. We are not producing the innovative, creative, and dedicated graduates that this nation once boasted: the best on the planet. Instead, we have to wine and dine citizens of other nations to come to this country because we simply do not have minds within our borders.

      UGH….and, nobody in any position of legislation seems to give one stinking fart in a windstorm about this, either.

  • Pierre

    The teachers are no better than terrorists. They are holding the students, parents and taxpayers hostage in order to obtain their demands.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    The public school system is bunk anymore. It’s irrelevant.

    Answers to pretty much anything are a point and a click away.

    Public schools are at least 40 years behind the real world.

    • MRE

      What first-hand experience does your statement come from? When and where have you observed classes or read curriculum in the past 40 years?

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        From going to school not that long ago and sitting there thinking “When the phyk will I ever use this bs?”

        And then getting into the real world and thriving and not using any of the bs they taught me in school, since. That’s friggin where.

      • Duke

        The only ones that thrive in this area are the ones that get an education and leave.

        The others turn into LLoyd’s

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        Thrived because I could start learning about what was interesting and actually mattered in the real world.

        School does nothing to prepare kids for the real world.

        How many kids do you teach that graduate actually knowing how to balance a checkbook or operate a minimal household budget?

        You know, responsible adult things?

      • Curious

        I left school nearly 30 years ago, and I did not learn about balancing a checkbook in school. My parents taught me. Do parents have any responsibility for raising their kids or is it all on the schools to raise kids now?

    • El Ma

      Lloyd, I actually taught high school kids for a while and there is simply no amount of money, benefits, perks, chocolate, or BMW’s to make me want to jump into that fray, again. The students are ill-mannered, ill-spoken, utterly disrespectful of teachers, fellow students, and themselves, AND they are absolutely not being taught anything more than how to take standardized tests. It takes time to settle a class – to get their attention. And, a teacher cannot use any terms or words that could offend the little dears, so it’s pretty much mob rule.

      Contemporary curriculum involves “sensitivity awareness,” and other esoteric topics that should be addressed by the parent(s)/guardian(s) rather than educators. It’s nuts. It’s ridiculous, and it is completely broken.

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        Exactly El Ma, it needs to be disbanded. It’s outdated and a left wing brain washing everybody gets a trophy tool.

  • Indepentdent_JOE

    Remember it’s all specifically about the students/childrens welfare and concerns…….Yeah right!

    • Mirror

      Teaching is about the kids… but it’s also a career. I assume you expect to get paid when you work, assuming you’ve had a job.

      • El Ma

        MIRROR, teaching is a “calling,” not a career. The people who view it as such are the union members. The teachers that truly want to make a difference in a child’s life are willing to do whatever it takes to help that child along, even if it means giving their own time and effort to that child without any expectation of compensation.

        When I teach a class, I provide 2 hours of instruction and then the participants have a whole week to work on their projects. When I am doing my own work, these participants are going to ask me questions OUTSIDE of the scheduled hours for instruction. What do I do, then? Refer to my manual? Call my union rep? Ignore the person? Heck, no! I engage in meaningful conversation with these people because I want to see them expand their work and creativity to the next level.

        That is what teaching is all about.

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