Man Charged in Port Carbon Shooting

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PORT CARBON — A man is charged with attempted homicide for a shooting last week in Schuylkill County.

Police say Kenneth Boyer, 51, from Port Carbon, got into an argument with another man last week, when Boyer pulled a weapon and fired, striking the other man and himself.

Both men were taken to hospitals.

Boyer is charged with attempted homicide, assault, and other charges. Bail was set at $250,000.


  • mlem

    The story I heard about this was the young man that got shot was beating on the old mans daughter. Don’t know full details but that’s just what I’ve heard.

  • Huggy

    Oh boy, look at this one. You think he lured a few kids in his day or followed them like that Dennis Barker guy did in Mt Carmel?

  • Booney

    Is this the guy that owns Boyer’s supermarket in Frackville? Anthony and TJ Bart mustbe so disgusted. RIP Howard Street.


    This is a product of that up and coming area called Schuylkill county. Watch for the cats and foxes coming out of the blighted rowhomes in these parts!

    • Coat Drive Candice

      Are there coat drives where you live? If not, I would be happy to set one up. #starter #coatsforkids #wnepcomments

      • Tommygunn

        The area is a dump. This guy looks like he might be from shenandoah. But at least I got high school football coming up, got my order of schlitz and hopefully my team wins and maybe some fire whistle action to. I love fires and kids sports.

  • El Ma

    So………..this is “news,” but it’s also just laughable when these people commit these atrocious crimes. First of all, it’s a glaring reminder that so many people have no regard for human life, personal dignity, morals, or ethics. But, then there’s this: do these people not realize that their faces are going to be plastered all over every local news and social media in the region? LOOK AT THIS GUY’S MUG!!!! Nobody, anywhere, has any business acting surprised that this guy pulled a gun and shot someone.

    Charles Darwin? Paging, Mister Charles Darwin!!!!!!!!

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