Luzerne County Charter School Cancels First Day for Eclipse

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BEAR CREEK TOWNSHIP -- Summer vacation just got extended for students at Bear Creek Community Charter School thanks to the solar eclipse.

"It has been a weird year anyway, so why not a snow day in August?" Lori Grimm, who has a student at the school, said.

The school is using a snow day for what would have been the first day of classes, August 21, the same day as the eclipse. Grimm and her son, Aaron, were excited about the news.

"Actually, I was pretty happy about it because I wanted to take him to see the solar eclipse with me and my older son," Grimm said.

Even though, Aaron said he wouldn`t have minded going to school on Monday.

"I was pretty happy, and I was also a little sad because I wanted to go to school a little bit only," Aaron said.

All in all, the family is just happy to be able to experience the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity together.

"I'm 39 and I've never seen one and I'm super pumped," Grimm said. "I'm looking forward to photographing it and sharing the experience with my sons."

The school plans to make up the snow day at some point in the school year.

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