Honoring the Past, Future at the Harford Fair

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HARFORD TOWNSHIP -- While school may have not started in Susquehanna County, teachers are busy giving out marks judging kids art at the Harford Fair before it begins on Sunday.

"The cat one got a judge's delight. This one got first place, it's a self-portrait, there is just some amazing talent here at the Harford Fair," said Amy Radford, Faith Mountain Christian Academy.

"This is my first time entering anything," said Ellen McAllister.

This 66-year-old quilter is brand new to the game.

"I grew up in Philadelphia. We didn't have fairs like this so when we retired, we moved up here."

The Founders Museum at the Harford Fair beautifully shows the county's agricultural history.

The walls are lined with tools, there are things that spool, and milk bottles from dairy's glory days.

Not only is the museum handy on a rainy day, it holds the heart of what sets this fair apart.

"When you walk through someone will say, 'oh, I have one of those,' or, 'my father has one of those,' or, 'we have one of those in the barn,' and that's what makes it special," said fair official Cindy Reynolds.

After 160 years, the aim is honor the past while staying fresh as a just-picked zucchini.

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