Two Week Delay: Lakeland to Start School Late Because of Construction

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SCOTT TOWNSHIP — Students in the Lakeland School District have a slightly extended summer after the school board announced Wednesday night it is pushing the first day back two weeks due to a renovation project.

Out with the old floors, in with new, and that wasn’t all. There are new roofs and science labs at the Lakeland School District in the Montdale area of Lackawanna County.

It may be the off-season for students, but there is a lot of work being done at the Lakeland High School and Elementary School Scott Township and the elementary school in Mayfield.

It’s been a busy summer as renovations started just as students left in June.

“Extremely exciting for the students, it will be like moving into a new house. It is something they have been waiting for a long time,” said acting superintendent Andrew Falonk.

The $7 million project is pushing back the first day of school by two weeks.

The schools in Mayfield and Scott Township are getting new flooring and other upgrades.

The elementary school is also getting a new roof and air conditioning system.

“As always, buildings that are 45 years old need constant attention so this is part of a capital project the building is setting off,” said Falonk.

It was an early morning practice for the Lakeland School Districts girls soccer team. The girls were gearing up for their upcoming games and tournaments. They are excited about the changes but still wish the renovations didn’t affect their graduation date.

“I don’t like it all because it shouldn’t really affect us. They shouldn’t have put in so much work at one time,” said senior Sam Calachino.

“For us as a senior class, it is a setback because we do want to get back really early so we can graduate but it is a setback. Hopefully, there isn’t a lot of snow this winter so we can graduate on time,” said senior Emily Sashko.

The first day of school is September 14 and graduation is set for June 22, 2018.

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