Sprucing Up Campus at ESU

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- It's not just the maintenance workers trimming hedges and picking up trash at East Stroudsburg University. On this sunny August day, students and staff members also spent the day cleaning up.

"Just helping out, doing the weeds and whatever else they need. It was a campus cleanup and anyone can volunteer for a few hours so that is what we are doing," said Christine Getz, ESU Staff.

This is the fourth year the campus has hosted the cleanup.

Christine Getz is usually working inside the math department building, but instead, she decided to help beautify the campus before students arrive next week.

"Oh, I think it's really important just so it looks nice and the students feel comfortable not seeing any trash around," said Getz.

Even though the cleanup is just one day, volunteers hope it's a reminder to people to pick up their trash and throw away their recyclables all year long.

"We are a very green campus and we want to keep it that way," said Ken Long, ESU Staff.

Ken Long is the Vice President for Administration and Finance at ESU.

He says the work is hard, but it will help preserve the environment around the campus.

"I mean we have a beautiful campus and we try to minimize the amount of chemicals we put down on the campus so by going out and cleaning, manually doing it is really good," said

Students will begin moving into the newly cleaned campus next Friday.

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