Special Education Teacher Charged With Having Sex With 15-Year-Old Boy

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BLOOMSBURG  -- A special education teacher is locked up in Columbia County accused of having sex with a 15-year-old boy.

Dennis Delorso of Bloomsburg was arrested Tuesday after the child's mother discovered the relationship.

45-year-old Dennis Delorso faces charges for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old boy.

Delorso is a k-12 special education teacher in the Bloomsburg Area School District, according to the district superintendent.

Scott Township police say he met the boy in June through a personal ad on Craigslist.

While the boy is not Delorso's student, Krista Bailey`s 18-year-old son used to be one.

“He was my son`s autistic itinerant support teacher,” said Bailey. “And I`m left sitting here thinking of all the times he met with my son. Was he encouraging my son, was he actually, or was he eyeing him up? That`s the part that I`m having a very difficult time with.”

“He seemed like really into his job, he cared for everybody, he was nice to me,” said Bailey’s son, Braydon Quintrell. “He wanted to know how I was doing, always checking up on me.”

According to the court papers, the 15-year-old boy posted an ad on Craigslist on June 24th and Delorso responded.

Police say the boy told them they had sex at Delorso`s home on Jefferson Street in Bloomsburg.

Casey Coomb is a special education teacher in another district.

“It breaks my heart, it really does, you`re supposed to be an educator, your goal is to help these kids in any and everything they need you to,” said Coomb.

Police say Delorso and the boy exchanged several sexually explicit emails and continued to have sex at Delorso`s home.

Authorities were contacted after the child`s mother found those emails on her child`s phone last week.

Police say Delorso admitted his relationship with the boy but said the boy told him he was 18 years old.

Police say the boy said Delorso knew he was underage.

“When something like this happens we question ourselves as parents, I`ve questioned myself all day, because I feel like i`ve been sucker punched,” said Bailey.

The Bloomsburg Area School superintendent says the district is looking into the allegations and that the safety of their students is their main concern.


  • god makes the rules, not us

    A 45 year old man planting his seed in a 15 year old boy. What is the definition of boy? A male under 18? Who made that rule? Why don’t we consider a person an adult at age 12? Or maybe even 10?Who made this law? Maybe they didn’t understand the human anatomy.


    We of the NEPA Rainbow Alliance would like to applaud the courage that 15 year old boy had to express his love for someone, and see nothing wrong with this. It’s only a matter of time until we get people to understand that love is love, no matter the age difference. Don’t forget the Pride on the Mountain event this weekend!

  • Here we go again!

    Here it is again, another teacher doing disgusting things to children! I’m telling you, home school is the way to go that way you know your child is safe!!


    Very sick world ! Whats going on in NEPA. Inquiring minds want to know what the attraction to young boys is. This is a sick epidemic here!

  • KIKI

    why is a 15 yr old posting on craig’s list anyway….?
    Where is parental supervision…?

    This teacher did wrong and should be punished, the 15 yr old should be in trouble as well…

    • JP

      I agree with you. When posting ads especially personals, don’t you have to agree that you are over 18? If so then the 15 yr old lied and could be lying still. Both should be in trouble.

    • Homo you don't

      Yup, if the boy was just a little bit older not only would this not be news, people would be protesting the baker that wouldn’t make them a cake. Funny how everyone is all ‘eww, gross’ and ‘sick sick sick’ even though it was the boy that posted the ad. Shows you how sick the rest of some really are.

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