IndyCar Driver Makes a Visit to Northeastern PA to Talk to Patients with Type One Diabetes

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- One IndyCar driver who lives life in the fast lane decided to make a pit stop in Luzerne County to talk to patients with type one diabetes.

Charlie Kimball is the first licensed driver with diabetes in IndyCar history, and he made a visit to Geisinger Wyoming Valley Thursday afternoon to chat with others who have the same disease.

"I wear a continuous glucose monitor so I have a sensor on my body that transmits to a display. That display actually plugs into the car's data system so I get my blood glucose number right there on my steering wheel just like I get my lap time, speed and oil pressure," Kimball said. "And if that shows my blood sugar falling lower than I like it I don't not only have a bottle with water to stay hydrated I have a second bottle wit orange juice in it. That way I can flip a valve, get some orange juice, bring my sugars up, and I don't have to stop. Because unlike some other sports, I can't call a timeout, I can't ask the other drivers to slow down while I eat a granola bar. I got to be ready to go from green flag to checkered flag."

Kimball says he is proud to show people with diabetes every day that there is nothing that they can't do.

Kimball will race in this weekend's ABC Supply 500 at Pocono Raceway.

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