Fox Fears in Schuylkill County

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WEST MAHANOY TOWNSHIP -- An 8-year-old boy has a terrifying tale to tell after a fox attacked him, biting him over and over.

Now, another fox in his neighborhood has tested positive for rabies and the county is telling people to be on alert.

It has been a frightening week for people in Lost Creek, a small village near Shenandoah.

Not only did a little boy survive a vicious attack by a fox, another fox has now tested positive for rabies.

You can see the V-shaped bruise left by the jaw of the fox that attacked 8-year-old Keegan Schreck in Lost Creek on Tuesday

"I was confused, I thought it was a dog first, that was actually confusing," Keegan said.

Keegan's grandma says he was on a bike when she saw the fox jump on his back and start biting.

"I started running and screaming trying to chase the fox and trying to get my grandson to stop moving so it would stop attacking him," Helen Kufrovich recalled. "He was crying and he grabbed me crying, 'Nana,' and I said, 'quick, get down to mommy. She is going to take you to the hospital.'"

Others in the neighborhood are worried too. Blanco's owner says his dog had a close call with the same fox.

"I seen it attack the kid, twice it jumped on him," said Joseph Lombardo.

And over at Bill O'Donnell's place, a different fox grabbed one of his wife's pet ducks by the neck.

"The duck broke free and started to run over in that direction. The fox went after it again. That is when I shot the fox," said O'Donnell.

Schuylkill County officials confirm that fox had rabies.

Keegan's mom showed us yet another fox the family shot hoping to find the animal that injured their boy.

"We asked him, straight out, do you want us to trap it or kill it? He said, 'mommy, it bit me twice. It needs to die,'" said Amanda Micklesavage.

But since the fox that bit Keegan has not been found, he has to continue getting rabies shots.

"It hurted a lot, if you were there, you would not want to hear my scream. I scream loud," Keegan said.

It's something he says is way more painful than the actual attack.


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