Contractor Contrite after Collapse in Frackville

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FRACKVILLE -- A contractor from Schuylkill County who saw his demolition project go wrong is apologizing to the community for any inconvenience he caused.

The building he was demolishing collapsed in Frackville Wednesday, closing roads and knocking out utilities.

"Every time you tear a building down, you say that to yourself, 'I won't make that mistake again," said Vincent Madonna.

The demolition business can be humbling. Madonna saw things go sideways, literally, as he was tearing down the building at the corner of Lehigh Avenue and Oak Street in Frackville on Wednesday.

He explains a large window on the side unexpectedly collapsed, sending the rest of the building the wrong way into the street.

"I was devastated, especially when I saw the lines coming down. Our first reaction was to make sure nobody got hurt."

Nobody was injured but the rubble damaged a pickup truck driving by and knocked out internet phone and cable all the way to Saint Clair. Officials say those services have now been restored.

"I do apologize to the whole community, for everyone who was put out of phone and internet service. It wasn't planned," Madonna said.

"There was no TV, no internet, no phone," said Mary Ann Gnall of Frackville. "We missed the news."

Gnall was one of the people impacted. She says being disconnected had a silver lining.

"It was nice. We actually sat out and talked."

The contractor says it will take another day or two to get the street back open, and if you need any bricks, he is willing to share.


  • Anywhere but There

    The name of the contractor is??? Is Vince the owner, employee or media relations???
    Public Bids go to the cheapest bidder, the qualifications can determine the winner but all the council members in NEPA have the small thinking syndrome, cheaper is better.


    I hope this crew isnt contracted to demolish the Schuylkill Mall. They seem a little sketch. But again Most things turn out a disaster in the skook Also, I just dont know if more distribution centers is the answer to stop the rural decay here.

  • Huggy

    Let’s not blame the demo crew when the reason for the need to demolish was from lack of building maintenance and upkeep. Ah well though, maybe a new place will open up like a restaurant where you can get a tossed salad and think about memories of smelling the flowers.


    I am still trying to get Perfect Strangers reruns on cable and its not working! thanks a lot guys! Frackville was good to me over the years. Not so much today.

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