Protest Outside Carbon County Courthouse

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JIM THORPE -- A small group gathered outside the Carbon County Courthouse annex in Jim Thorpe protesting President Trump's response to the violent rallies in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Some people tell us they believe the president should have been more vocal in condemning what happened.

"It's important for us to react. This is the only reaction in this little town. There are protests all over the country so this represents our feelings," said John Drury of Jim Thorpe.

About a dozen people turned out for Wednesday morning's peaceful protest in Jim Thorpe.


  • trucker

    Jason Kessler was a Barak Obama supporter and a member of Occupy Wallstreet. CrowdsonDemand was advertising for actors for rallies and protests in Charlottesville, up to 25 bucks an hour. Don’t take my word for it just Google it, something journalists used to call research.

  • Rurbanite

    Thank you, protesters. You are exemplifying the true “fine people” in America. Mr Trump, morally bankrupt that he is brings out the worst in us. That itself is reason to protest. What other human being would boast to people mourning the death of a wonderful young woman that he owns the biggest winery in Charlottesville? Totally classless.

  • So over it

    Oh boy did anyone hear that trump got North Korea to back down? Did you hear about trump getting China on board? Oh nooo of course not let’s just focus on this fake news about how terrible he is. I swear this man could save a baby from a burning building and they would spin it into something negative. Our country is certainly at war and it’s with itself. Why can’t everyone just let him do his job bc he does a pretty good one if everyone stopped listening to celebrities the media and hissy fit leftists..

    • Bob Calvey

      Now those people had a peaceful protest now first off I don’t agree with them and I don’t think the woman who died is a hero so that protested without any counter protest so no violence or trouble. Maybe if that young lady didn’t go there and just let those nazis act like idiots and leave them alone just like those people in Kim Thorpe they would have gone away

    • Bob Calvey

      Yo Bob I wished the same thing from that Muslim terrorist but I had to wait 8 years grab yourself a sandwich and enjoy enjoy

  • L.J.

    I’m glad we succeeded in bringing these monuments down. And happy that the BLM group got nation wide support from the celebrities and athletes at the top right down to the working class and made aware of what those monuments stood for. Now football season is upon us, so next on the agenda should be protests at the NFL, there’s players with names Jackson and Lee on their jersey’s. We need to get the NFL to have those names changed, cause when they say those names or show them I can’t help but go back to the days of slavery. I get upset and can’t cope when those names are mentioned and turn games off.

  • magicmikexxsm

    Why is it under George W Bush race relations where pretty good, Now after 8 years of Obama Race relations has gone to krap…. why is that people? it’s not about race, you all are being duped, it’s about the left wing trying to gain power back in this country….after 8 years of Obama race relations went in the tank.

    • L.J.

      Racism is used as a vehicle to get people to do what they want, vote the way they want them to vote. They use it cause they know people don’t want the label as a racist.

  • Rose Rocco

    My Father the son of immigrants fought for Our Country in World War II against the Nazis, What Trump as said is shameful!
    We don’t want Nazis here!
    God Bless America

  • Trump is done

    News flash: The Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. Robert Neller, has spoken out against Trump’s support for racists with a tweet stating that there is no place for racial hatred in the Marines. Trump is toast– he’s lost the military .

    • Bob Calvey

      Yo Bob I wished the same thing from that Muslim terrorist but I had to wait 8 years grab yourself a sandwich and enjoy enjoy

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