Nuclear Plant Siren Test Scheduled for Thursday Morning

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SALEM TOWNSHIP -- The Nuclear power plant near Berwick is planning its annual siren test.

The Susquehanna Nuclear plant plans to test its sirens Thursday morning.

The test is scheduled for around 11 a.m.

The sirens will sound once for three minutes with a steady tone.


  • RicU.

    First, I have been involved with siren testing for other nuke plants. Due to the technology available, testing the system can be done from a central location without sounding the siren.

    Second, 25% of the population will not get the word and have nothing more to talk about for the next month. I fully expect comments about DPRK launching an attack and polka dot supremacists marching around. Don’t blame this on “My Favorite Martian,” Ray Walston died on 01-01-01.

    I am glad I am not going to be manning the phones at 1045-1130 on Thursday.

  • seen it all

    Anyone old enough to remember the school drills for nuclear attack ? Bend over put your head between your legs .
    ( and kiss your asp goodbye ! ) and under your desk .

    • RicU.

      You have a good send of humor.

      Yup that is about what is going to happen with the dim witted people who don’t get the word. Not to worry, the test will last only a 3 minutes.

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