National Roller Coaster Day at Knoebels

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KNOEBELS AMUSEMENT RESORT -- Riding roller coasters is one of the biggest thrills you can get at an amusement park.

Knoebels Amusement Resort near Elysburg has six of them and the park was extra crowded for National Roller Coaster Day.

"It's the excitement and exhilaration you get. You can't really get it anywhere else," said Tyler Dickinson of Allentown.

"We all look for something different. Some of us like to be upside down. Some of us like to get banged around, but the old wooden roller coasters are what I look for," said Roger Scott of Great Bend.

With coasters named Impulse, Twister, Kozmo's Kurves, Flying Turns, The Black Diamond, and the Phoenix, people had a great time riding them all.

"I like the feeling. Even though I never open my eyes, I like the feeling of going up and down and around," said Sara Evans of Lancaster.

In celebration of National Roller Coaster Day, Knoebels employees handed out some free coaster tickets to some lucky park guests.

Every year, the magazine "Amusement Today" ranks the best of the best in the amusement park industry. It's called the Golden Ticket awards. Last year, three wooden roller coasters at Knoebels ranked in the top 50.

According to the Golden Ticket awards, the Phoenix is ranked the number two wooden roller coaster in the world.

Some people tell Newswatch 16 they made sure to wait in line for all of the coasters in celebration of National Roller Coaster Day.

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