Man Who Damaged Eye in Solar Eclipse Wants to Warn Others

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PITTSTON TOWNSHIP -- James Holt of Pittston Township suffered permanent retina damage after staring into a solar eclipse in the 1960s when Holt was only about 10 years old.

"We had heard that if you wanted to see the eclipse you can look through the negatives of a picture," Holt said. "... (You) get several of them stacked together and you can see it and shouldn't have a problem."

Holt was able to view eclipse with no problem. Years later, he said he noticed an issue with his eyesight. It turns out, he damaged a portion of his retina in his right eye from viewing the eclipse.

"Using both eyes, I don`t have a problem with it at all," Holt said. "Just using the right eye... looking at small print or things close up small it distorts it."

Dr. Heidi Manning is the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Misericordia University. She used to work with NASA.

"To have it go on in the continental United States is not that common, and to have it go all the way across the continent even less common, and that's why this is such a big deal," Manning said. "So, many people are able to see it."

As the eclipse approaches, she wants to warn people about properly protecting their eyes when viewing the eclipse. She suggests you purchase protective glasses or use a box or another homemade device to view the eclipse without directly looking into the sun.

"Don`t be confused with, well, 75 percent of the sun is blocked so, it's not that big of a deal," Manning said. "There is still a tremendous amount of light coming and it can still cause damage to your eyes in just fractions of a second. So, you never want to look directly at the sun."


  • Thinker

    All the things wnep says you can look through, they never said the one thing most people already have, their phone…

    • magicmikexxsm

      Actully Chuck I also looked at an eclipse, when I was young. I used nothing, looked right at it..both eyes are fine Chuck…why are you a liberal so gullible?…..

      • Chuck

        It obviously affected your grammar and parts of speech comprehension. Why are you people science deniers? Look up again Monday. I hear they have Braille keyboards.

    • Working man

      Sorry Chuck, all the Trump supporters will be at work on Monday paying for people like you. But please, feel free to stare at it as long as you wish and let us know what it was like.

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