Man Found Guilty in Pocono Carjacking

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STROUDSBURG -- The jury came back with a split verdict for a man on trial for a violent carjacking.

Eddie Quick from New Jersey was found guilty Wednesday afternoon of endangering a man's life after a carjacking in 2015.

The incident happened in October of 2015 when police chased Quick down Interstate 80 near East Stroudsburg for carjacking an elderly man at knifepoint.

It took jurors at the Monroe County Courthouse in Stroudsburg about four hours to decide on a verdict.

Quick was found guilty of a number of charges including robbery of a vehicle, fleeing the scene of a crime, and reckless endangerment of the man he stole it from -- Richard Lebano of Tobyhanna.

Quick was found not guilty of three counts of aggravated assault, two of which involved police officers, and terroristic threats.

Attorneys from both sides had nothing to say after the verdict was handed down.

Lebano was stopped along Route 196 near Mount Pocono to look for his cell phone when Quick approached him with a knife.

Quick led police on a chase that eventually ended at the East Stroudsburg exit after he hit a pole.

Newswatch 16 spoke to the victim back in 2015. He says he didn't give up his car without a fight and avoided being stabbed.

"All he kept telling me was he was going to stab me, he was going to take my car and if needed, he was going to kill me to get my car. I thought real quick to defend myself, it's from where I come from, you learn how to take care of yourself," Richard Lebano said.

Quick was taken back to the Monroe County Correctional Facility. His sentencing is scheduled for October 17.


  • Bob Smith

    I’ve lived in Houston where lot of car jacking happens. Sometimes in car contains little kids and babies in back seat and abandoned the car elsewhere unharmed. Or put the baby seat out along the roadside too. Very unpredictable happens.

  • Look in the mirror

    The racist white trailer trash bunch with their predictable hatred posting their bile. Hundreds of horrible and unthinkable crimes on these pages by lily whites and that’s just fine with you– sick.

    • Challenger challenge

      You must not read the articles where whites are involved in crimes, they don’t get cut any slack either. So tell us why you think Mr. Quick was justified to take something (with violence) that didn’t belong to him? If you ask me, he’s lucky he’s still alive – lots of people are packing these days.

    • Jared

      Yes, with your job skills and education, you might have had a chance at getting a job.

      “Mom heat me up a hot pocket”.

    • Look in the mirror

      If you live in NEPA good chance you have Polish, Czech, Irish etc background. You are trash and garbage in 18-19th southern society.

      • worn out

        LOOK IN THE MIRROR- You, my pathetic missing chromosome, slab of flesh, have obviously refused to hop on the gravy train like your fellow brothers. You have been handed affirmative action, welfare, and free housing by my country. What else can me and my white man hand you? We are exhausted. Your peoples have wore us out. What else can the white society provide for you that will make you less bitter?

      • Proud white European

        This is true, my family lineage was looked down upon socially in the 1700’s and 1800’s. But instead of playing the race card, being the victim, and not advancing ourselves because someone said so, we said ‘pogue mahone’ and got educations, got involved in communities, started companies, and basically built the modern United States. Some people however seem happiest when someone else pays for their existence and they resort to crime when they want more.

    • What were they thinking

      Actually we need to roll the calendar back a little further than that – we just should have picked our own cotton. It was NOT worth it.

  • Sasquatch

    Now Rev Jesse Jackson or Rev Al Sharpton can get on CNN and tell the world how the white man repressed this poor soul into a life of crime and despair because his great great great grand pappy had been put in chains by Robert E Lee himself!!!!

  • Are you for real?

    A true piece of garbage. Is this a representative of the people we are concerned about slavery civil war statues etc? Maybe some on the left should concern themselves with crime and drugs instead if crying foul over some 100+ year statues

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