Pittston Columbus Statue Returned to Rightful Place

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PITTSTON -- Many people in Pittston have been waiting for the return of the city's beloved Christopher Columbus statue.

"(It's) actually very exciting to have him back," Ilonka Sammarco of Jenkins Township said. "This is a symbol of Pittston, So we have to have him here."

Back in December, a car crashed into the base of the statue, causing it to fall over. The damage totaled about $68,000. The driver survived the crash.

Over the past eight months, Pittston city leaders have worked to get the statue back. With a new base, the statue now stands about two feet taller than before.

"(To) the Italian-American citizens in the community -- this statue means a lot," Pittston Redevelopment Authority Chairman Mike Lombardo said. "So, to get it back here is very important to celebrate that piece."

Pittston city leaders said it was a goal of theirs to have the statue back in place by the Tomato Festival, which starts on Thursday.

"It was one we weren't sure we were going to meet," Lombardo said. "It got a little dicey a month and a half ago with the insurance wrangling, but we were glad to be able to do that."

Now that the statue is back, community members, including Pittston City Councilman Danny Argo, can't help but stare at it.

"It's just wonderful to have it back," Argo said. "Thank you, Pittston city. Hopefully, it'll be here forever."


    • El Ma

      Now, all I can do is laugh myself sick – this has gotten so far out of hand, I think I’m going to make some plaster monuments of Pol Pot, Castro, Stalin………..just for absolute kicks, y’know? I mean……make many, many of these and do an installation piece on the side of North Mountain. And, each day, I’ll switch them all around as a some sort of message – don’t know what that message will be, but I can make one up on the fly, I think. Yep. That’s what I’m going to do………

  • It's coming back around

    I just heard Trump say Christopher Columbus owned slaves, take the statue down its offensive to me

  • Stumpy

    I’m sure the public school indoctrinated college age snowflake generation will be in tears over this too

  • El Ma

    But, but…………wait one danged minute, here. Columbus brought with him the genocide of nearly every Native Nation in the three Americas. And, nobody’s protesting this except the disenfranchised Native Americans? Holy sh*tballs……..

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Well now, hold on a minute. Doesn’t Columbus represent to beginning of genocide against the native Americans? Shouldn’t the retarded liberal scumbags be rioting and throwing tomatoes???

  • Glorious

    Down with that statue. Columbus was actually arrested for embelezzment, tax evasion and illegal slavery: even for the standards of the era his behavior was unacceptable. Sailors Lives Matter!

  • Donamick

    well personally I can’t wait to see the
    World War 1 Soldier statue that was on the 100 of Harrison ave in scranton to be returned

    • Robert Hudson

      It seems many of you illiterates need to take a college-level history class to get your facts straight. More importantly, YES these monuments immortalize worthlessness. The SHOULD be destroyed or at least stuck in a museum’s basement. To those of you who think “liberals hate all history,” you couldn’t be more wrong. Liberals tend to be FAR more educated than conservative blowhards. We don’t need monuments to lies and fairy tales.

  • Robert Hudson

    Columbus did NOT discover America. People were here hundreds if not thousands of years before any European except Leif Eriksson’s crew. European colonialism was only damaging to the continent. They spread nothing but disease and devastation.

    • El Ma

      Robert Hudson………….you need to approach the NEA about this fact when you’re done playing GTA.

      Leif Erickson was one of many, many travelers to these continents, and Amerigo Vespucci was actually whom the continents were named for. So………..yeah…………the explorers brought smallpox, VD, and many other terrors with them. SO – take all monuments down because someone, somehow, is going to find fault with the individual(s) that is being immortalized.

      What a drab world we’re building, these days. Everyone must think alike, look alike, act alike, disband the use of pronouns, expectations, morals, or ethics. It’s like vegetable broth – bland and mundane.

  • Debbie Blabbermouth Schutz

    Time is limited on this monument folks. Give it a year or two — Columbus will be declared a “colonial patriarch and war criminal who started a genocide based on his cis-privledge” and the protestors will topple this statute. Those who opposed will be called narrow minded bigots. The brave new world is here. I’m surprised they even have the comment section open on this story.

    • El Ma

      Debbie………LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t even understand what “cis-privilege” is, but I’m absolutely certain that I’m guilty of it, somehow. (snort, guffaw, wheeze)

  • Are you kidding!?!

    The way things are going, it’s just a matter of time before they come for Chris because……….

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