Help Wanted: School Bus Drivers

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- With a new school year about to begin, many school districts across the country are facing a shortage of bus drivers.

Transportation officials at East Stroudsburg School District say they have more than a dozen open positions for school bus drivers this year.

In fact, the district is hosting a bus driver training class Wednesday in the hopes of adding more drivers before the new school year begins in just a few weeks.

More than 100 bus drivers filled the room inside East Stroudsburg Area School District's transportation center.

The group is getting training on the district's new propane buses.

Lorraine Cavanaugh has been a bus driver for almost 18 years.

"There is a lot of work that goes into it," said driver Lorraine Cavanaugh. "You have to pass tests. You have to get clearances, and you have to learn how to drive a huge vehicle, a 40-foot vehicle."

East Stroudsburg Area School District is one of many schools across the country facing a bus driver shortage.

The district has 120 full-time positions, but only 106 are filled.

Officials also want to fill about 10 sub positions and are even working with the school board to try and offer those subs more money.

"We are a little lean this year," said Robert Sutjak, director of transportation. "We had six drivers retire this past year, our older drivers, and it's getting increasingly hard to replace drivers as they retire."

Transportation directors tell Newswatch 16 driver shortages aren't just here, they are everywhere, and when you don't have enough people to put behind the wheel, it makes getting busloads of kids to school difficult.

"When we have a driver shortage for a day, we have to pull a bus, one or two, to do another run and load those buses to the max to move our drivers around so we can meet the demand," Sutjak explained.

Claudia Marx has been a bus driver for 18 years. She has seen firsthand how the driver shortage has taken a toll on workers.

"It makes it difficult. We are all trying to do the same thing, get the kids to school on time and that gets difficult when there is a shortage, absolutely," Marx said.

The district is offering a 14-hour bus training class starting Wednesday at 8:30 a.m.

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  • El Ma

    aaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My comment to WTY was immediately deleted. LMAO!LMAO!!!!!

    Education system = NOPE

  • Wty

    Same goes for substitute teachers….they want a BS …and you have pay for and pass background checks. Nothing wrong w background checks but the employer should pay for those. After that, they wanna pay 100 dollars a day for essentially baby sitting 30 students for 6.5 hours. So it’s 100 divided by 6.5 equals …let’s round it off to 15 bucks an hour. 15 divided by 30 is 50 cents per hour per student. They need to go to the homeless shelter to get their employees. No one wants to work for that.

  • Just Sayin

    Now add to the responsibility (and liability) of the new law forcing people with no medical backround to use epipens. Im sure they will let them watch a 10 minute training video. Who is liable if something goes wrong? Governor Wolfe? In our sue happy society, its only a matter of time! If I get stung by a bee does that mean I can stop a school bus instead of paying big bucks at the emergency room? With the big increase in the cost of Epipens, they will be breaking into the school busses!

    • El Ma

      Just Sayin, the problem with the epi-pens is that nobody can frigging afford them, anymore.

      This want ad is one steaming, stinking, miserable pile of NOPE.

  • John Williams

    If the pay and benefits were equal to the responsibility and aggravation of the job there would be no shortage of drivers. Simple supply and demand.

  • In a galaxy far far away

    My wife drives school bus. I THINK SHE IS NUTS! Part time. No benefits. 3 hrs in the morning, an unpaid 4 hrs that you don’t get paid for but cant do anything, and 3 hrs in the afternoon. $15 /hr turns into $9/hr as you are on call between runs in case of any early dismissals or schedule changes. Then put up with Mom’s little sweethearts who turn into Tasmanian Devils when Mom is out of sight. And dont dare raise your voice to the little angels or the lynching mob of Moms are coming for you as everyones child is a saint! Dont expect the school or the bus company to back you up as you are assumed to be in the wrong! Then, there are the drivers who run the bus lights even when flashing! Nothing done unless police actually see this happen.Her bus company does not allow dash cams even at your expense. AscI was willing to purchase one for liability purposes. So basically, you are always a liar when something happens. Not to even mention the inherent risk of driving a bus full of people regardless of age. Anyone driving school bus should get the same pay and benefits as teachers as you have more liability risk. I am surprised anyone take this risk and abuse for what they pay! God bless you all. You must have the patience of a saint. I would rather move piles of horsecrap with my bard hands than do this job!

    • El Ma

      God bless your wife, seriously. She is a better woman than I am because I wouldn’t be able to tolerate the little darlings’ bullying, profanities, sexual activities, and defensive parents. I would absolutely sperg-out the first time some snot-nosed kid said, “Make me.” Tell your wife she is a saint and that good things await her for her sacrifices. God bless her, and bless you, too. Me? I’ll just say, “NOPE!!!!”

      • In a galaxy far far away

        I dont know why she does it. When she reports the profanity and acting up, its her word against Mommy’s little angel. There should be cameras required on all busses to show the behavior of a few of these “angels”. You would think it is a common sense thing to do as a camera doesnt lie! But her bus company does not allow it. Even knowing a camera is on is a deterent to bad behavior but what do we know? Or better yet….have some of these “Not my Kid’s” moms volunteer to be bus monitors!


    There is not enough money on this planet that would cause me to willingly drive a school bus, today. With kids as rude, disrespectful, and ill-mannered as they are and their parent/parents/guardian failing to make the kids behave or do the right things, no thank you. Hayell naw.

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