Woodlands Inn Plans to Open Apartments

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- The Woodlands Inn in Plains Township plans to open apartments.

Several years ago, a flood washed away about 20 rooms in a section of the Woodlands Inn. Since then, the space has been used as storage. Soon, these old rooms will be turned into one- and two-bedroom apartments.

"For people who are coming into the area for a period of time just to get them to work and then leaving," Woodlands Inn Vice President Ross Kornfeld said. "Actually people looking for permanent residences.”

The apartments will be used for permanent living or extended stays. The guests will be able to use many of the hotel's amenities, like the pool and room service. Kornfeld said the hotel and convention center already gets a number of guests that stay at the hotel for long periods of time. He believes the apartments will make it easier for them to get settled into the area.

“We believe there is a need for this in the area right now," Kornfeld said. "If you look at many of the hotels that are being built now, they’re all efficiencies. They all come with full kitchens.”

Donna Keyes works at Visit Luzerne County. She agrees that there is a need for this style of apartment in the area.

“Having those options where the guest can be comfortable and have all the amenities away from home is always really important for them," Keyes said. "Then that also helps attracting other businesses because we have those amenities available.”

In addition to the apartments inside the hotel, there is a plan to build stand alone apartment buildings in the back of the property geared more toward permanent living. Those guest will also be able to use some of the hotel's amenities.

People who come to the property often, like Melissa Dunn, are excited about the new additions.

“I don’t think it would be a bad idea," Dunn said. "The Woodlands has always been a beautiful place to go.”

The first set of apartments are expected to be completed by spring.

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