Music Man’s Viral Video Vanquishes Vandal

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PALMERTON -- A music store owner in Carbon County has a message for would-be vandals: smile for the camera!

Security video shows the vandal struggle to flip the heavy concrete bench in front of Prodigy Studios in Palmerton.

The bench is toppled and cracked.

"It's not just a park bench to me," owner Tony Oriolo said.

He says vandals went on an early morning tear along Delaware Avenue, knocking over signs and seating at places including Halls of Horror.

"It gets me annoyed. We work hard for all this stuff and it does get me annoyed," said Charles Knight with Halls of Horror.

In less than 24 hours, Tony Oriolo used a combination of his security footage and Facebook to figure out who broke his bench.

"I recognized his friends and through the power of Facebook, you can figure out who is connected at any given time if you are a good enough detective," Oriolo said.

Then he sent the man a message, and he heard back.

"He fessed up to it."

The guy in the video turned out to be a customer.

The story has another twist. Oriolo says not only did someone donate new concrete bench ends, the vandal volunteered to bring them to the store himself.

"He even offered to work here in the music store to make amends."

Detectives with Palmerton police told Oriolo if that works out, they may not file charges.

"He is not a bad guy. He just probably made some bad choices last night."

This modern-day music man figures his tale is a lesson to aspiring criminals, with cameras everywhere, your cover can get blown.


  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    This just in: Fat cow climbs ladder in North Carolina and destroys public property. Effeminate white males join in the fun to continue the vandalism and it goes uncheck by local police.

    Here’s Tom with the weather.

  • there's a reason ancient cities had walls

    Where the concrete ends white? Just call it a white supremacy bench and he can say that he was feeling repressed by it. No problem then, it’s not vandalism if it’s a fascist bench and full of hate. It was probably vibrating at an oppressive frequency.

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