Stabbing Investigation in Frackville

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FRACKVILLE — Police have just released information about a stabbing last week in Schuylkill County.

The victim told police he was stabbed in the stomach at a home on East Chestnut Street in Frackville.

He’s expected to survive. No arrests have been made yet.

If you know about the attack, call police in Schuylkill County.


  • Maryann

    Are the people of Frackville in danger?? Random act or drug related? I have dinner plans at the Vinny Roman bar & grille but I dont feel safe going out without details.

  • smh

    Could frackville pd be any more scant on the details. This happened before with the recent Swantek murder. The public was totally out of the loop. The public had no clue if they were in danger.

  • Big Tiff

    I’m looking for a nice place to chow down. Anyone know if i should go to Lewie’s, Romans, or the Dutch Kitchen?

  • Hampton

    You ever see the faces on those guys that roam around Frackville? What a strange town where the adults there turn their heads and look the other way from the sex chasers.

  • Mmmetch

    Hope it wasn’t that Asian in the eyes fellow that walks ALL over Frackville in those nice tight sweatpants.

  • Wayne

    This is a strange town that’s always talked about on here with sex roamers . I heard the geniuses that are on Boro council here wanna spend a million on a pool. That would be used 4 months out of year. . The roads haven’t been paved since 1979. Strange place ..

    • coal crackers

      Yes Wayne, a strange town indeed. Probably not strange by Skuyllkill county’s standards though. Drooling pedo roamers litter the streets, back alleys and of course the infamous Vo-tech woods. The power lines are covered with sling shotted soiled BVDs. This is the roamers way of marking their territorial locations. This method of claiming territory has the most educated anthropologists absolutely baffled. Frackville has become somewhat of a tourist’s destination but I must warn you, while viewing these roamers, do not approach, stay in your car! Only feed them from a safe distance. Take as few photos as possible as shutter shock will put them into a violent meltdown.

      • Huggy

        If you get too close to a frackville sex roamer the ONLY thing that WILL happen is a lil slam-slam followed by soiled pants.

    • DAVEY

      blight not as bad as say Shenandoah Or good ole Mahanoy City. But frackville is not a good town. People have started not taking care of properties, roads are horrific, athletic fields are terrible and have old fencing and appear outdated. And they worry about a pool used maybe 4 months out of the year in a town with declining population of 20 percent since 2000. Not sure what this roamer thing means, but there always been strange people walking the streets here.

  • keystone cops

    Oh, I get it. Once again, just like last week’s Susquehanna county murder case, when the police can’t solve their crimes on their own it becomes the peasant public’s opportunity to shine. Get lost, solve it yourselves. It’s YOUR job, not mine. Any other day we the people are scum under your feet.

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