Sharing Stories of the War: Back Down the Pennsylvania Road

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On this day 72 years ago, President Harry Truman made an announcement on the radio: Japan had agreed to surrender. World War II was over.

Mike Stevens spent time with veterans as they shared their stories with middle school students. Our trip Back Down The Pennsylvania Road takes us to Danville in 2004.


  • El Ma

    Dear Mike Stevens, God bless you and thank you for your service and sacrifices. My dad fought in WWII, and finally retired from the military after serving for 26 years. Your stories are valuable, and each of us can learn something from them, and from you. God bless, sir.

      • El Ma

        Y’know, Armstrong, why couldn’t you just leave my message of appreciation to Mr. Stevens alone instead of making HIS service into YOUR political platform?

        Mr. Stevens, please, accept my apologies. This article is about you and your brotherhood, and you are so important to us all. God bless, sir.

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